Gift Set for the Brand

Brand | Gift Set including “Redemption” & “In the Air” (2015)


These are two different worlds to me: Art & Creative Writing. I didn’t think I could do well at both at the same time. I feel like two different people.

When creating photographic art, I feel open to everything. I have to be aware of the entire world around me because it is the foundation of my blank canvas. Natural light. The wind blowing. Rustling of the trees stirring certain emotions. I have to take it all in and capture how I see the world opposed to the reality that it is…

In writing, I have to escape from the world. Sounds. Light. Everything. I travel some place else in my mind in order to build a world that doesn’t exist. I can bend and move the pieces of this world with such freedom I don’t want interference from reality. There is no foundation established besides the blank page. I don’t even have to begin writing from the beginning of a story…

In photographic art, I have to figure out how I can alter the existing world. See it in a new way or different from the obvious. But I can’t change what’s here. The grass is green. Trees are made of wood. The sky is cyan. Some days, it rains and I can’t control the weather to create a clear, sunny sky. I’m limited and the challenge is to challenge all of the limitations already in place. Make reality better than what it is, in some cases…

Yes, even writing creatively has it’s foundation in reality. Besides, readers need to relate to the story in some way. However, the limitations simply depend on your imagination and how creatively you can construct a world while still making it believable to a reader’s mind. Correct, the challenge is greater because the possibilities are limitless with countless variations of every concept in a multitude of concepts.

With photographic art, it falls in line with the frantic pace of life. It’s connected to the world, so I don’t have to change my daily routines to incorporate creating work. I simply take my camera as a traveling buddy to freeze frame moments in time. A pause. That’s all it takes. The camera captures a scene in a fraction of a second and I have time to interpret each scene at my leisure.

Creative writing is more…you have to live in this created story and when you stop writing, that created world ceases to exist. It’s more finite, only existing while you create it. Moments can be created, erased, or edited multiple times. Each scene is like watching a movie in my mind that I have full control over. If something’s not right, I rewind, move pieces around, and play the scene again until I get it right. Or, at least, until I’m satisfied with it.

In the past, I’ve had a tough time figuring out how to market my artwork and writing at the same time. It should have been simple enough to think of this Gift Set idea, but it eluded me. Perhaps, I was overthinking the idea. I feel like I’m in a better groove and my Branding skills are improving. Hopefully, the venues will love the work I send them. The shipment for the books has not arrived, yet. I do have one copy on hand.

Yes, how can I make it better? Share your thoughts.

Thank you.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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