Can you see it
Tall as the sky
Clear as day

Can you see it

Have you ever seen what you want
It’s right there in front of you
But you can’t take it
A dream A goal An accomplishment

It’s like being blocked by an invisible wall
A wall made of glass
thin glass
glass so thin it seems easily breakable

so you try
you throw everything at it
when the punches and kicks don’t work
you try a steel bar
not a scratch

from a hammer to a sledge hammer
the glass doesn’t move
can you go around it

less than a foot away
my dream, my dream, right in front of me
how hard can it be
to take it

from crowbar to kitchen sink
car rams to lethal explosives
it doesn’t move

you spend all of your resources
every last cent
you’ve told friends and neighbors for years
this is mine, I can feel it

dawn ’til dusk
year after year
the glass doesn’t budge
not a scratch

you’ve ceased to pray
there’s no one left to ask
can I borrow this thing
the glass will surely break

all the bridges burned
all the relationships torn
all the hope gone
from the ones who loved you

cast out

dragging yourself across the ground
as the wall gleams in the sunlight
broken knuckles, sleep deprived
family wondering if you’re still alive

give it up
can’t you see
the wall isn’t meant to break
let it be

is it stubbornness
or stupidity
I don’t move
I don’t budge
My mind is set
it’s meant for me

the years pass by still

there’s nothing left
no visitors
no passersby
no wind
only a dust-filled air
this place is abandoned

I settled into the dirt
counting the last seconds of breath
they used to ask
why did you settle here to die
without realizing
I was already dead
I wanted to finally live

closed my eyes

two breaths left
what will my last words be
I failed You
I tried to do something
Only You can do
Break this glass

The glass fell

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