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Tokyo International Art Fair | May 2017 – Final Call to Exhibit

Tokyo Int'l Art Fair 2017

May 26-27, 2017

Hi everyone,
Periodically, I receive News on upcoming Art Fairs & Exhibitions. Today, I received a Final Call for the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan. I’ll share an excerpt of the email:

Final Call to Exhibit
Tokyo International Art Fair
26-27 May 2017 at Hikarie Shibuya is just off the famous Shibuya crossing. The well-known building is hosting the third edition of the successful event. This year, we’ve joined forces with Hikarie Shibuya to host the third Tokyo International Art Fair – yet again expecting thousands of art loving visitors and huge sales.

Apply to Exhibit
One of most popular art fair’s in Japan. The event has now opened applications to submit for participation to exhibit. Curated and limited availability.

Get Tickets
Visit the third edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair 2017 at the famous Hikarie Shibuya. Get your VIP Tickets now.

I believe this Event is organized by Global Art Agency. Carefully consider how much space you need for your artwork when choosing a Booth Space. The more space you need, the more it will cost to exhibit the work because you are renting the size of the Booth.

Many artists show their work at Art Fairs through a Gallery representing them. The cost is shared between several artists and the Gallery, which makes it more affordable to exhibit. This is how I received exposure at Spectrum: Miami & now that The Artbox Gallery is representing my work, I’ll have to opportunity to be a part of more International Art Fairs in the future.

I hope that more established artists can take advantage of this opportunity. I do have more News to share about upcoming Art Events once I become familiar with all of the details.

Happy Monday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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