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The Artbox.Projects | Art Basel 1.0 – June 2017

Art Basel 2017 | Euroairport
June 14-18, 2017 | Art Basel 1.0 | Euroairport

Hello Readers,
Quite a few artists have contacted me recently concerning The Artbox.Projects. I appreciate the compliments and “Congrats” on winning the Vote at Spectrum: Miami 2016. Some of you may have the same questions; I’ll try to address those here.

First, The Artbox.Projects is great for emerging artists because at the beginning of your career, it’s difficult for many of us to be accepted at a major Art Fair and afford purchasing a Booth. The space can easily run over $8,000 and this does not include printing, framing, insurance, transportation, and promotion for your work.

Crowds are much larger at Art Fairs compared to Gallery venues, which makes this a good investment. Established artists are regulars at these events because their work has grown in popularity and risen in price to be able to cover these costs. Emerging to mid-career artists usually depend on Galleries to represent them. However, we all know how difficult it is to submit your artwork and be accepted by a Gallery.

Art Basel 2017 | Euroairport
Euroairport (Interior Art Space)

This is why the Curators of The Artbox.Projects have really come up with a brilliant idea. Most artists can afford the €45 Entry Fee and are able to submit a digital copy of their work to be shown on-screen. Your task is done and hundreds, possibly thousands of people have an opportunity to view your work. Plus, I’ve been told that many artists sold a piece of art because their work was seen on-screen during the Miami Art Fair. That’s an excellent return on your investment.

Secondly, there are several artists entering into this Project. I read that Miami 1.0 received over 600 entries. There is no viable way for every accepted Entry to be given promotion or a mention in the Newsletter. However, determine to submit your best work. There are 25 Semi-Finalists and five Finalists out of all the Entries for Art Basel 1.0. You can earn more recognition by being accepted into one of these spots. If you are selected as a Finalist, your work will likely be added to the Projects website & attendees at the Art Fair can Vote for your piece to win.

Art Basel 2017 | Euroairport
Euroairport (Interior Art Space)

Finally, what happens if you do win? I can’t promise that you’ll become a Resident Artist of The Artbox Gallery, but it wouldn’t hurt your chances. 🙂 To the point, since I won Miami 1.0, my artwork will be included in Art Basel 1.0 without having to pay another Entry Fee. The artwork is printed, framed, insured, transported, and promoted by the Gallery.

I’m not sure which of my works will be chosen for this Exhibition, but they are willing to choose from my entire Collection, not simply from the work I submit for consideration. This seems like an even larger Event than the Art Fair in Miami. I will have major International exposure for the first time. As you can see, I have been researching the venue to get a better feel for the space…

Art Basel 2017 | Euroairport
Euroairport | Skyview Lounge

It opened in 1946 and serves the border region of France, Germany, and Switzerland, although the airport is in France. I believe this region is called Basel. When three countries converge at one point, there will likely be plenty of traffic in the area.

Art Basel 2017 | Euroairport
Euroairport | Skyview Lounge

Spare no expense, right? 🙂 This is the airport? Apparently, if your flight is delayed, it’s not necessarily a bad thing with spaces like this to relax. I would not have had the opportunity to show my work in such a venue if not for The Artbox.Projects. To be honest, I didn’t know Euroairport existed until the Curators shared the good news.

The Artbox Gallery Staff
The Artbox Gallery Staff

The world has gotten smaller. My artwork is traveling to places I’ve never been; I’m working with the good folks here whom I’ve never physically met. Plus, attendees voted for my artwork without ever meeting me. It’s such a crazy blessing.

Since the Gallery is a bit new to the scene, I understand that some of you are sitting back to see what happens in June before you seriously consider entering the next Art Fair. There are four more Events featured on the website. I believe the next Art Fair will be in New York City, then, Hong Kong, Zuerich, and Singapore (Dates to be determined). Of course, I’m hoping that my art career will continue to build as the Gallery exhibits in these cities.

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Happy Tuesday.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. What a great idea to have a gallery at an airport, a good way to spend otherwise boring time waiting for delayed flights.

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