Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

March-June 10, 2017 | The Artbox Gallery | Group Exhibition


March 1st – June 10, 2017
Group Exhibition

The Artbox Gallery
General Guisan Strasse 8
Postfach 3533
6303 Zug

Top: Rest (2009)
Bottom: Coming Up for Air (2012)
Dream of Red (2009): SOLD

If you Follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of the News. Three pieces from my Collection were selected for this Exhibit. “Dream of Red” found a new home before this photo of the Gallery’s interior was taken. To be honest, I would be more excited if so many things weren’t distracting me.

Well, I was reading a publication on my phone Sunday when I yanked the power cord, the phone hit the floor and.. practically shattered the screen. Then, I went from store to store comparing tablets within my budget only to find I didn’t like my options, but I purchased one that seemed pretty good. Except it wasn’t. Less than two days later, I returned it to the store because the processing speed was terribly slow and it didn’t support all the Apps I need.

I sifted through my options once more & decided I had to go over my budget to purchase a tablet that works well. I found a pretty good Sale, saved $50. After adding and using my Apps last night, updating the software, I am much happier with the Samsung brand, though my budget took a beating. Oh, I need a case. Right?

So, I stopped at the store this morning after dropping my niece at college to get a case. Got the case.. but I couldn’t get back in the car. For some odd reason, the car wouldn’t unlock. Then, I quickly discovered that, in my haste, I left my cell phone (shattered, but still working) at home. Searched for a phone to borrow, which I did, only to discover I stopped memorizing people’s phone numbers correctly years ago since they’re all stored in my cell phone. Then, I purchased new batteries for the electronic key thinking maybe the key was dead. Didn’t work. Suddenly, it struck me that I left my shiny new tablet under the driver’s seat and it’s hot outside today. I already looked bad to the public because I’m in the middle of the parking lot trying to get into a car. …Okay.

Went into a nearby store (they actually had a landline) & called a taxi to get home. Eventually, AAA came out to unlock the car. The Rep said it’s possible that the Security system was activated somehow… (putting the car on Lockdown, I suppose?). But it locks & unlocks just fine, now, after he opened it. Oh my gosh…

As I paced the parking lot, I could only think something really good is about to happen because I’m getting mentally, emotionally exhausted from a growing series of unfortunate events. (Why are things going wrong?!) I’ve never scratched my phone before, ever, forget breaking the screen. I’m usually so careful about everything, I don’t get into things like this.

Looking on the bright side, I remember my goal for this year (and last year), which was having my work seen in brick & mortar venues, not only online. But the work is so expensive to print & present, I could not afford to do what the Gallery can. I’m so grateful for their investment in my work, in myself. I can’t let whatever bad news that comes along keep me down, especially since I’m Finally crossing some of these goals off the To-Do List.

How about for you? I know it’s tough. I know that you may not be able to see the end clearly, if at all. But that nagging, driving force in you isn’t pushing you onward for nothing. Bad day? It’s only one. Bad week…months? Years? I understand, but somehow, it won’t last. Somehow, all the dark, cloudy days will fade away & what you’ve dreamed of will come true.

How? I don’t know, exactly. As I rub the sleep out of my eyes and have another helping of tea, I stay alert for the next opportunity to take another huge step forward. So, don’t focus your eyes on the distractions or you may miss seeing the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait until you see the opportunity to prepare for it. Prepare for it now when you might not be able to see a thing.

It’s called Faith. Why believe in it? You wouldn’t have made it this far without it.

Happy Friday Eve.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. e says:

    Stellar work..

  2. Congrats on the lovely photo sale 👍🏻
    Indeed, bad luck with the phone and car.
    I got an ear infection which I thought would clear up on its own 🤕 gave me vertigo on the train, decided to take a week off too recover, now worried about catching up 😅

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