Intrusion | 2015

Acrylic Print Available in Various Sizes

"Intrusion" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

$115-$515 | 61x91cm | 24x36in


Hello Followers.
It is a rainy Saturday, but it’s needed. Not only does it goes us a break from the oncoming Summer heat, the massive wildfire in Southern Georgia has been sending a dense smoke plume to Northern Florida. It’s a challenge to breath at certain times during the day. Hopefully, a bit of rain will help firefighters get this under control. Also, I saw a giant rainbow today while driving home, the largest I’ve ever seen. Extremely wide bands of color, along with a second faint rainbow above it. Awesome…

Art World.
I have been aligning my Catalog to the type of prints the Gallery currently sales. The Winter 2016 Catalog priced my artwork as framed prints. I finally completed the Spring 2017 Edition today, which features the prices of all the photographic artwork in my Collection as Non-Glare Acrylic Prints. Visit the “Shop” page to download a copy of the new Catalog.

Of course, this website needs to be in-sync with the updated Catalog and my Inventory spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. I reorganized the Art Categories to make browsing my Collection much faster. Some art pieces were deleted, as well, to make room for better scenes. I will take one more look at the 50-page Catalog tomorrow to correct any mistakes found. For now, my eyes need a break from the computer screen.

Next, I will contact the Switzerland Gallery on Monday to see how Collectors are responding to my art on Exhibit. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I don’t like to bother the Staff or the Owner too much, especially as they’re preparing for the major Art Fair at Euroairport next month.

The Finalists will be announced tomorrow. I hope you guys were able to enter into the Competition as I did last year. Art Basel 1.0 will likely draw an even larger crowd than the great showing we had at Spectrum: Miami 1.0. I am excited to see which of my art pieces the Curators choose to exhibit.

Technical Jargon.
I did have trouble with the Printer’s software for ordering the Acrylic. It seems that Windows 10 is going through a massive update this week meaning the previous Java 6 software is not working on my laptop anymore. Plus, some of the updates are not installing properly causing my system to get stuck on a blue screen for several minutes. 😦 As Marvin Martian would say, “Delays, delays.”



The Acrylic Prints are 1/4-inch deep and include Di-Bond backing with French Cleat Hangars. Need Instructions for Installation? Download this PDF. I will also include this Form on the Shop page.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I apologize for the delay everyone. I usually keep up with sharing the Art News you forward to me on Facebook or leave feedback about your career progress on WordPress, but this week’s been hectic & I’m a bit under the weather.

A little R&R for the rest of the night will be swell. Tomorrow, we have to go through another week all over again! Stay focused on your goals & continue to get updates from me on Instagram. Your Insta-Comments & Likes really do my heart good as I take the next steps forward.

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Glad Instagram is going great for you 🙋🏼 loving the pictures that come up on the front page of your website, very colourful.

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