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HOBNOB & Stellers Gallery Present…

HOBNOB & Stellers Gallery Present | Downtown Jacksonville, FL.


Hello Readers.
I am always uplifted & feel at home when walking through an Art Gallery. Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting HOBNOB Gallery for the first time. The Exhibit is co-Presented with Stellers Gallery featuring acrylic paintings by Christina Doelling, Holly Blanton, & Alma Ramirez. You know me too well… Of course, I took my camera with me. Memories.

Be Inspired.
Stylistically, my artwork is different. I prefer to create darker, more bold scenes while these artists challenged me to think more abstractly…and in Colour. 🙂 More than anything, I’m amazed at the texture each artist captures in their own way.

Christina’s work reminds me of ink blotches, but with acrylic. It had a feel of watercolor to it, yet, the colours didn’t run into each other. Holly’s work seemed like it was acrylic painted directly on wood instead of canvas. The texture was so prevalent it made the subject of each piece more tangible. Alma’s work was the most colourful and the most challenging to wrap my head around. However, I began to notice seascapes, boats, and reflections in a few pieces created by several organic, but geometric shapes.

Most of my work is very straight forward, even my creative writing. I think it would be interesting to see if I can incorporate more ‘feeling’ and emotion in my work by taking a more abstract approach with losing my own style (which I love). 🙂 Colour? Well, it depends on my mood. I tend to use lots of black, which matches with any colour giving me quite a bit of freedom to experiment. Meaning, the foundation of my style remains intact, while allowing myself to explore a bit.

Happy Friday Eve.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Love these paintings, the circle one especially, Eric you know you need more colour in your life ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤 especially pink 💖 notice that’s the colour with the extra sparkles 😂.

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