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Eric Christopher Jackson Represented by Willems Agency International


Dear Readers.
I am not sure how to share this News; I suppose I’ll simply start from the beginning. I was having a conversation with my sister several weeks ago about how slow my progress has been in furthering my art career in the U.S. Most of my opportunities are coming from people and places overseas. She explained that, perhaps, the community overseas may be more open to my work.

I was already leaning in that direction, but decided to upgrade my account for an International Profile. I offer services in Photography and Screenwriting on my Profile. With an upgraded account, my Profile would be more prominent in the Listings.

The weeks continued to go by without much improvement in getting opportunities and I figured, well, it was worth a shot. I went back through my Profile, made sure the Headshot and Portfolio images were updated once more and almost forgot about it.

Next Page.
Last week, I was contacted by Willems Agency International. based in London. A Phone Interview was setup for Monday, which ended with a few days wait for their decision. I’d never talked on the phone with anyone from London before (I like their accent).

Well, they offered me a spot at the Agency… as an Actor. Of course, I could not turn them down, although I mentioned that I’ve only been an Extra on Set a few times with minimal Coaching. Once, I was the character who was killed in a dark alley. Short-lived. 🙂

Ready Or Not.
I followed through with the rest of the Steps and finally saw my approved Profile on the site of a Casting Service and then on Willems’ site. I began to scroll through the data to find that Willems had already begun submitting my Profile to Feature Films and TV Commercials.

Plus, they forwarded it to an Entertainment Network in Hollywood where my Profile as a Screenwriter was approved on their website.

My emotions were in a whirlwind and everything seemed to happen so fast. I figured I’ll have to learn more about this process as I go. Who knew that having a nice Headshot would draw such attention, but that’s what the Agency mentioned. There are thousands of Profiles; your Headshot needs to stand out.

Be Happy.
Everyone seems so nice. From email tag with Agent Assistant Ben MetCalfe to the phone chat with Executive Agent Emily Willems-Jones. I felt really comfortable about the idea of working with them. This journey has not been a straight line to Success. I don’t see which direction I’m heading as clearly as I’d like. Yet, I feel it’s important that I show up fully prepared for whatever happens.

As you all know who have been reading my Blog for years, I have had a lot of setbacks in trying to make my dreams come true. This has been some roller coaster ride. However, last night, my Dad told me the same thing quite of few you have said in Comments on Instagram

Keep Moving Forward!

Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Aaron Jackson says:

    I believe in you son! Dad

  2. 🐠🐠🐠 keep on swimming

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