Art Basel | June 14-18, 2017 @ Euroairport

“Dream of Red” by ecj


Art Basel 1.0 | The Artbox.Projects
Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
68304 Saint-Louis (3rd Floor)

Hello Readers.
I couldn’t sleep much last night. It’s odd that I’ve been anticipating today for so long and now that’s it’s here I’m having an off day. I’m supposed to feel excited…enthusiastic. Right? At the moment, I simply want to shut my brain off. I feel like it’s in overdrive and I’m hyperventilating while sitting still. Deep breath…one deliberate step at a time.


Representation: The Artbox.Projects : Photo Credit: Beate Prahl


I borrowed this photo from fellow Resident Artist, Beate Prahl. Her artwork is on exhibit, as well. There are quite a few of us; I believe each Artist has one Signature piece on Exhibit. I am so bummed that I can’t be there! Though, I shouldn’t pout. This is an amazing opportunity. Of course, I will continue my search for photos of the Space this week.

The entire region of Basel, which is where the borders of France, Germany, and Switzerland meet, is filled with art venues represented by several Galleries. They are six hours ahead of me, so it was a bit after 3:30 this morning when the Gallery Owner emailed and then, I had questions. Her responses led me to think… My art may take a shift in style and medium, which can be challenging & rewarding at the same time. I guess a new uncertainty kept me awake along with a rush of freedom that came with it.

Freedom? Freedom to let go? Be vulnerable? Allowing my heart to be seen and not be so…protected. It’s scary…and freeing. There is no Living without Breathing.

Give yourself permission to breathe.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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