Father’s Day 2017

Me & Dad

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad.💛 He just arrived in town today. It is so important for all Dads to understand how important they are in their kids’ lives. Not only to be there physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well.

I’m not a ‘talker.’ I tend to listen and digest things over time. So, my Dad has gotten used to giving me advice knowing that I will swallow it…eventually. Um…one of my favorite Dad sayings is: “God is always working, even when it doesn’t look like He is.” Well, it’s not only What he says, but When he says it. His timing is impeccable. And I eventually come around to saying Thanks, Dad, I understand what you meant now.

I admit, I can be a difficult person to deal with. I’m quite stubborn once my mind is set on something. But he sends me Text messages (at 5am) periodically to say “Good Morning.” It’s funny because I’m a night owl and he’s a morning person. So, at times, we briefly exchange texts when I’m going to sleep and he’s waking up.😊

Do you have a favorite Dad quote?


  1. So many quotes, the ones that first jumped in my head were, never give up trying and the second haters will hate whatever you so don’t pay attention to it.

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