I see Your Face | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

I see Your Face (2009)

Acrylic Lustre Prints Starting at $95

Interior Design by 2Modern


Series | Dark Light
No.4 of 11

“I have never seen Jesus’ face; I only imagine if I did, all I would see is intense light.” -ecj

Dear Readers,

Even in this case, with a message close to my heart, I value the aesthetic of the work more than anything. I will explain. An art piece can have an amazing message, but if it does not fit well in anyone’s home as a work of art, it’s basic value is gone. The heart of the work is to enhance or compliment an Interior.

Now, I will say the best works of art do both: they elicit a strong, emotional response while adding value to the Interior Design. Yes, it can be a challenge, but it’s important to do both.

Interior Design.

Pinterest is a great resource to find the right interior space for an artwork. However, there are so many choices you really should have some idea of the style of room you’re looking to place your artwork into. It took me a while to notice the wood floor in the picture above is black in colour. Natural fit. Black and white room with B/W Art.

Still, I have quite a few B/W scenes and many of them did not fit just right, save the one I’ve chosen. This is why some Art Collectors commission Artists to create an art piece to specifically fit their Interior. With that said, it’s a good idea to have examples of how your work blends with the rest of a room.

I am finding Agencies like 2Modern, Local Milk, and Shanska where I can place my artwork in their Interior Design spaces. I’m also looking into major chains of Hotels & Hospitals because they also purchase artwork periodically. The goal is to create a Testimonials page where my work is featured at various locations around the world. The Switzerland Gallery & Art Fairs have been a good start, but I need to build on this momentum.

From Dreams to Reality.
Eric Christopher Jackson


I see Your Face (2009)

"I see Your Face" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

31x20cm | 12x08in – $95
46x31cm | 18x12in – $155
61x41cm | 24x16in – $230

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