Mysterious Glow (2015)

"Mysterious Glow" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Where does the light come from? Can the inside of a cloud be illuminated?” -ecj

Hello Readers.

What inspires you to create Art? As a Photographic Artist, it’s naturally the World around me. I see potential in most anything to become something worthy of hanging on someone’s wall. But, often times, I have to see what it can be opposed to what it is.

For example, yes, this is a cloud. People can go outside everyday to see clouds in the sky. What makes this scene special? I like to think that I add my personality to the work. I have to. Then, people who have the same Style or like this Style will gravitate towards my interpretation of reality. Not everyone will. Though, you’ll never know who will enjoy your work until you show it to them.

Time to Upgrade.

Having launched a new Blog recently, I’ve been sent a few Tips from WordPress that will help me boost exposure. Did you know that Paid Plans under WordPress increases your Blog’s traffic by an average of 34%? That is substantial! The most popular plan costs about $80 annually and seems to include pretty good Features. They do offer a Business Plan with all the bells and whistles for around $280 per year. Considering the Numbers, it’s worth some level of investment.

Add Value.

I had a brief conversation with Rebecca Wilson from Saatchi Art about how they promote their Artists. Original art pieces are the most popular. Since my work is Digital, it’s not possible to sell the Original Print. However, Limited Edition Prints are more valuable because only a select number of Prints will be produced. Each one is Numbered and Signed, which gives the Collector incentive to purchase the piece because it’s rare.

The Number of Prints available for a Limited Edition is up to the Artist. Of course, the smaller the Edition, the more valuable it is. At the moment, you cannot sell Limited Edition Prints through Saatchi Art. However, they did send out a survey to get a feel for how many Artists would use this Service. It may be in the works. I will look into creating Limited Edition pieces for new work and recent pieces that are really good, but have not Sold, yet.


As mentioned in the previous Post, I’m looking looking for venues to exhibit my work. I received a positive response this morning from an Interior Design Agency. They think my work is a good fit for their Style. However, it is pretty costly to promote my work through them because their Social Media audience has over 1 Million Followers. Needless to say, it’s a good investment for that level of exposure.

Naturally, the wheels began to turn as I thought about how I could cover the cost practically without jeopardizing other responsibilities I need to take care of. I also hope to find a good fit for my work locally. It would be great to meet people, talk to them about the work, and share photos of that on Social Media, etc.

Knock, Knock.

I am not the most outgoing person. I’ve had to fight through a lot of butterflies as I explain to people what I want to do. Yet, once the conversation gets started, my instincts take over and the butterflies find their way into Nature instead of my stomach. It’s the initial push. Knock on the door. Make the phone call. Send the email. The worst that can happen is it’s not a good fit, but at least (as Captain Jack Sparrow would say) they’ve heard of me.

I finished another YouVersion Devotional this morning called “Unashamed.” I’ve been writing down memorable quotes along the way. One of my favorite is:

“Freedom comes when we see ourselves as God sees us.”

I grew up having low self-esteem and making countless mistakes, which doesn’t bold well when you have to be courageous in pursuing a new venture. I am learning to change my point-of-view. Forget about how I see myself or how others may see me. Think about how God sees me and when I do that, I get enough pep in my step to take another significant step forward.

If you’re down right now, you don’t have to stay down. If your past is terrible that doesn’t mean your future has to be. Right now, in the present, you can change your world. And that takes believing in God’s promises even after you’ve been let down. Tough… Essential.

Happy Saturday.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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