Devour Colour & Light (2017)

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

61 X 91 cm | 24 X 36 in


Colour. Light. Gravity. The Black Hole will take everything.

I officially began this Journey in July 2012. Perhaps, it’s in celebration of the 5-year Anniversary that I completely deviated from the finished artwork I was going to share with you. Now…it looks completely different.

Normally, I would not manipulate a scene to this extent. However, I grew tired of sharing the same types of images. I stumbled into this Concept and hope that I can continue to create more like it. Why?

Well, when I first began my work, I focused purely on Photography. As I digested reactions to my work, slowly, but surely, I was drawn to my teenage adoration of Fine Art. However, I never thought my Photography would deviate as far as Concept Art until a few weeks ago.

I had to make a decision: Who do I want to be? A Photographer? Or an Artist? And if I am an “Artist,” my work should reflect this more closely. I hesitated to embrace this notion until I began working on a new scene today. The finished piece was good, but it wasn’t good enough. Something was missing…

Creativity. Imagination. Spontaneity.

I let go of my Comfort Zone and began to wonder off into the Unknown. I didn’t know where I was going exactly, only that the original image would be unrecognizable. And it is… The Manipulation of a simple scene changed it to something completely other-worldly. There is a larger story to tell here far beyond where it was before.

This scene came out well enough to convince me to work on another scene. I will share it with you soon. It may be better than this one…

Eric Christopher Jackson

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