Current | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Current (2017)

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

61 x 91 cm | 24 x 36 in

The original scene does not work. The Composition and Lighting are a bit off. However, I’ve learned from past experiences to not delete these files. I fought with this scene during Editing, not sure where I was going with it. There is a mixture of textures including water and sandstone. Then, I added a small amount of blur to take the edge off… Careful with the Lighting and Shadows.. It looks a bit like glass, I remember thinking of adding that texture, as well.. Oh, there’s also a Wind effect…

Anyhow, a lot of effects are Distorted together in hopes of creating a mesmerizing scene. As previously mentioned, I’d like to send @theartboxprojects_official some new ideas. There’s always room to grow & explore as an Artist.

Feel free to critique my work. Blessings. -Eric

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