Into the Void (2017)

Into the Void | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Beautiful Chaos | 61 x 91 cm


Hello, everyone. I put some time aside yesterday to complete another art piece. This is not the scene I planned on working with, but I stumbled across it, a light bulb came on, and… voilà.

The trouble I have is knowing when a piece like this is finished. I kept asking myself: Do I need to do more? Is it too much? I simply stopped Editing when the piece felt right to me, but that’s not an exact Science. 🙂

Made Simple.

I have created a Storefront on Fine Art America. It has all of the Options I’m looking for from Framed to Acrylic Prints. Art Collectors are able to choose from a variety of Paper Types, Frame Styles, Mat Colours, and Print Finishes. It’s pretty extensive. For example, you’re able to see how various Frame Styles will look with different Mat Colours right on the website, so you’ll know exactly what your Order looks like.

The best part is, they have Fulfillment Centers around the globe including in London, Canada, and Australia. This makes Shipping artwork to these parts of the world much more affordable because they Ship from the Center nearest to your address. Plus, there’s a 30-Day Refund for the Return Policy. It will take some time to upload more art pieces to the Storefront, but after going over the Numbers, this will make the Ordering process easier, saves time, and is more cost effective for everyone.

Thank you all for Following my work. I’m determined to make these pieces more eye-catching to draw a larger audience as you scroll through the WordPress Reader.

Happy Friday Eve.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. I’d be interested to see if certain colours bring in more views.

    Do Greens and earth tones,
    Or pinks and brights 🌈
    Or metallics and blacks.

    I always stop in the reader if I see something eye catching 😊

    • Hi Charlotte, I almost put my guard down as you mentioned Greens and Earth tones. I nearly thought you were coming to my side. Then, you went back to Pink and a Rainbow Emoji. I will look for more Colours, but when do I get to win this argument?☺

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