Abstract Glass | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Abstract Glass (2017)

Abstract Glass | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

“When you can bend Reality to your Will — Dreams become Possibilities. -ecj”


“Abstract Glass” was introduced in 2014 and was eventually withdrawn from the Collection. I felt like it did not have that ‘WoW’ factor I was looking for. If you remember what the Original looks like, the 2017 version looks nothing like it. This is a much better interpretation of what I originally had in mind. I hope to jar everyone’s attention with the Colours, Lighting, and Composition.

I’ve had countless brief conversations with Charlotte Hoather (Blog Follower & Opera Singer Extraordinaire) about adding more Colours to my work. Yesterday, yet again, she mentioned Pink and Bright Colours while knowing I tend to stay on the darker side of the palette. However, it’s good to try something different as I’m already experimenting with such a drastic Style change.

I already had a scene with darker pinks and blue in mind, but had no idea the artwork would come out so well. It’s much better than anticipated. Actually, I don’t know what to expect because the photography is manipulated to an extreme degree, which is something I purposefully stayed away from in previous years. Nowadays, it’s becoming a delight as I jump head first into the unknown.


As I always say, each work of art has its own Personality. In the past, I had a better idea of what that was before I began Editing. Now, I take a small guess, but the finished piece is so far away from the Original I can’t possibly anticipate the outcome. There’s a sense of Adventure because of this. I feel like the Lord places an image on my heart to Edit and I start tinkering with it until I have…something.

I still feel at a bit of a loss when it comes to sharing with a viewer what this Style of art means. I have another brand new art piece to share soon and it looks completely different from Abstract Glass. They’re practically polar opposites, but I feel this is important to have in my Collection to keep it from becoming predictable.

Fine Art America.

If you are interested in adding your artwork to FAA, keep in mind that you will have to upgrade to a Premium Account if you want to sell more than 25 pieces through their Service. So, if you want to try out FAA, give it a go.

Finally, Abstract Glass is now available through FAA in various sizes on multiple products starting at $34 for the smallest Art Print.

That’s all I have for tonight. Stay tuned to see the next artwork, especially if you love B/W scenes. It’s…interesting. 🙂

Happy Friday.
Eric Christopher Jackson



  1. I really like it, I loved reading I inspired the colour adventure, it would make a great silk scarf.

    • Thank you, Charlotte. I’m especially happy that you like it because it’s all your fault.😄 Seriously though, I’m getting noticed more by fellow artists, Galleries, and Art Consultants because of this new Style, which means I have to make more. I just hope I can at such quality, I’m still learning.

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