Cataclysm | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Cataclysm (2017)

Cataclysm | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

An overflow of emotion..when it takes over the landscape leaving nothing but feeling. -ecj

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Artist’s Notes.

I’m not going to pretend that I know exactly what I’m doing. This idea started with Color. Orange is rarely used in my Collection and since I’m going in a new direction with Style… why not? I couldn’t imagine the scene turning out like this. It’s very Bold, that’s for sure. I tend to stay away from creating work that’s ‘in your face.’ The scene dictated this approach. The Color takes over, there’s no escape. Usually, I lighten up a scene during Editing, but this didn’t require it. 🙂

New Season.

In years passed, I’d always found myself in-between two loves. In my 3-dimensional digital art, I loved the Lighting, Colors, and Detail in the work. Yet, I couldn’t print it out larger than a 5 x 7-inch. Then, with my Art Photography work, although I could print it out at 24 x 36-inches, it did not have a pure artistic feel often enough.

“Cataclysm” was a photograph that did not translate well into Art. No matter how I changed Lighting, Shadows, Midtones, it simply did not capture my attention. Well, with this new approach in Style, I completely deconstructed the entire scene. I can only see pieces of what it used to be. For the most part, the Original scene is gone.

In College, I learned the technical side of Photography, but I didn’t learn how to project emotion into the work. Eventually, I remembered that I never wanted to learn how to be a Photographer, but how to be an Artist. And with creating Art comes a higher level of uncertainty because I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to end up. I just have faith that it will be some place beautiful.

Fear Less.

Now, I embrace the uncertainty with a sense of child-like glee. I’m less afraid to mess up or make a mistake. Worst case, I can make a digital copy of the Original and start over. Still, once I’m close to having the look I want, tension builds. Since the file size is so large, I can’t turn Off and On the Edits I make like I normally could with regular Photography. When I’m 30 steps into the process, I have to be really careful with the next Edits until the work is complete.

This is where I’ve gotten stuck, at times. I just have to work through it until the work says, “That’s it. This is me!” That’s when I know I’m finished and when I try to Edit more, it doesn’t look right.


This recent abstract work is getting more attention from fellow Artists, Galleries, and Interior Design firms looking for Art as I share my work on my Social Media outlets. Along with my excitement, I’m a bit nervous thinking I’d better be able to create a lot more work like this to keep momentum going. I believe I can; I just need to relax and continue having fun with it.

Even at 3 in the morning, working on this scene was the most relaxing part of yesterday as part of me screamed to go to sleep. It was worth it. As Tony Stark said in the first Iron Man film, “..I finally figured out what I’m supposed to do.” This is the moment I prayed for, waited for, searched for… don’t get scared now.

Fight on.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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