Dreamer | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Saatchi Art | Artist Recognition

Dreamer | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Reach for limits you only dream of.” -ecj

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Acrylic Lustre Print | 61 x 91 cm – $420


Artist featured by Saatchi Art in a Collection

Artist featured by Saatchi Art - Eric Christopher Jackson


Happy Sunday Funday. I could not go to sleep without first letting you guys know that after years of trying, I finally have an “Artist Recognition” badge given by Saatchi Art Curators. (“Eric, why is this a big deal?) I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Saatchi Art is “The World’s Leading Online Art Gallery.” Out of all the websites I post my work on, I feel like they are the most aware by viewing each and every piece of art that is uploaded daily. Then, they decide whether or not to give a certain piece or an Artist more exposure by adding them to one of their Collections.

These Collections are put together by individual Curators, whether they work for Saatchi Art or are Guest Curators. Each Collection contains several pieces of Art from various Artists or a single Artist in some instances. Because there are so many Collections by various Curators, I do not know which of my pieces was chosen or I may have been added simply as an Upcoming Artist.

In either case, Collections draw more attention from Art Collectors because they know only respected Curators create them. If you and/or your work is selected to be promoted in a Collection, it definitely raises your status among Artists.

The Shift

I began this News by saying, ‘after years of trying.’ Yes, my artwork has been on Saatchi Art for a long time. I kept tweaking the work posted there in hopes of sharing something the Curators would like. Although a few Galleries have contacted me directly (including my current Gallery Rep) after seeing my work on Saatchi Art, the Curators of the site were not moved enough to Feature my work.

However, as I dramatically began to change the Style of my recent art pieces (less than two weeks ago), I began posting them to Saatchi Art to see what type of reaction I may receive. Well, I believe the Curators noticed and really like the new direction I’m taking. At least enough to add my work to a Curated Collection. It’s just grand.

Oh No!

I say this because this Style of work is still new to me. My latest piece entitled, Dreamer, really gave me a hard time as I never sure how an art piece will turn out when I begin. It’s very much an experiment, as I probably mentioned before. Yet, if these experiments get the Recognition I need, what choice do I have but to continue forward?

I have another concept on the table now, but I’m not sure if it’s ready. Of course, there are more concepts I have to mind to try out. I have eight pieces, so far. If I can create around 20 to 25 pieces in all, I’ll feel comfortable with that. Here’s hoping that I land on my feet.. 🙂

Eric Christopher Jackson


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