Eye Can See | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Eye Can See (2017)

Available on Canvas & Framed Prints

Eye Can See | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Eye Can See (2017)

Indecision. This way? Mind tumbling. Emotions rolling. Hero? Villain? I choose… Both?

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Try Again.

I worked on a few concepts on yesterday, but they didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. However, I gave this B/W a try just to see where it would lead and it ended up being the one that stood out. I’m still a beginner at working in this Style. It’s been difficult to find the message in each concept, but I usually stumble upon something. Again, unexpected…

New Distribution.

Above is a great example of the “Buy” button you’ll now find throughout the Gallery on work available for Sale. I felt it would look better than having the text of Sizes & Prices listed under each artwork. The button will send you to the Shop on ImageKind where you may purchase the work on Canvas and Framed Prints in various sizes.


Eye Can See | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Frame Style: Wide Square Black
Top Mat: Noir
Size: Petite | 35.6 x 43.1 cm


Eye Can See | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Canvas Style: Soft Edge
Size: Medium | 40 x 60 cm



Life always presents certain challenges. I’ve had to try harder to stay focused. The artwork helps me tremendously because I’m reminded of the potential I have to do something that matters. Don’t let the obstacles distract you or push you to lose faith in your dreams. You’ll make it…

Lock In.
Eric Christopher Jackson


  1. Does art has to deliver a certain message? Or is it enough to make you feel something?

    • The feeling comes first. If the viewer (including myself) doesn’t have a strong emotional response, then the artwork is not effective. The message varies depending on the viewer; the Artist’s interpretation can be completely different. Great question! Thanks for viewing..

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