Conception | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Conception (2017)

Conception | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Conception (2017)

In an Instant, Life begins..

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Hello Readers.

It’s 10:45pm on a Tuesday night. I am overcome with joy because I did not give up on the latest addition to my Art Collection. My gosh, this one gave me a rough time. I started working on it before “Eye Can See” (featured in my previous post), but I kept getting stuck during the process. I had no idea what the piece would be about. I simply knew I liked the Colors.


I put the concept aside, took a short break, and began working on other ideas. Tonight, I was drained. I thought I would take the night off, but after a couple of hours in bed, I got bored. I have no clue how people can go to sleep at 9pm. 🙂 Anyhow, I began fighting with this artwork once more, still not knowing where I was heading with it.

I had to tell myself not to get frustrated… AND not to be afraid. I was close to something I liked, but felt a few more drastic Edits were needed. At this point in the process, I had Edited the scene so much, there was no way to reverse drastic Edits. If I messed up, I’d lose all the progress I’d made and would likely have to start from scratch… 😦


However, the artwork at that point wasn’t good enough to share with anyone. I decided to follow my gut; a few drastic Edits turned into Several. It was too late to backtrack; I was determined to make it work. The original image had already been copied, Edited in different ways, then merged together…

…Well, I took the merged image, copied it three more times, Edited those three copies separately, then added another layer as a plain black background to make the copies more cohesive. They also have Layer Masks on them, which allowed me to partially erase pieces of different layers so they would blend together more seamlessly. I also had to adjust the Lighting, overall…


During this process is when I discovered the theme for the artwork, which ultimately led to the chosen title, “Conception.” I had no idea all of this would lead to what I have, but I’m relieved and happy to have something to share with you all. Now, I think I need a nap because my brain is toasted. Here’s to a Happy Tuesday night…

God Bless..
Eric Christopher Jackson

Conception | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Canvas Style: Soft Edge
Petite: 25 x 17.5 cm


Conception | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Frame Style: Wide Square White
Top Mat: Porcelain



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