The Morning Waves (2009)

Newport Beach, CA.


The Story.

I remember the hazy morning. Overcast sky. I was sad not to see a clear sunrise, but decided to photograph the area, anyway. I did not keep many of the Digital Negatives from this particular morning because I was running out of storage space. I only have jpegs, which do not print at full resolution over 31 x 20cm. (Bummer) Still, this looks good enough to add to my Art Collection.

Time Off.

I have not been as active with Blog Posts for about a month. Life has been extremely hectic. As I have said before, with every step of progress comes a new challenge(s) to face. However, by God’s grace I am still standing.

There is too much to explain in terms of how difficult the passed few weeks have been. How many hurdles I’ve had to jump over. I see it as a test. I’m learning how much I can take and not quit. Not give up or give in. Each morning, I’m amazed at how I continue to persevere, how God continues to give me the strength (the Will) to keep moving forward, though I don’t know how things will fall into place.

Slowly, but surely, I have plowed through this mountain hoping to reach the other side. It’s normal to ask: How much further do I have to go? What does it take to get passed these obstacles? Will I ever make it?

Suddenly, I realized that I was winning…because I’m not going to quit. I’m not going to give up. And no matter what is thrown at me, I will not back down. This is what Victors do. This is how we succeed. This is what success looks like.

New Direction.

I needed to take a step back from the routine of posting blogs and social media updates because I needed a more clear direction on where I wanted to go. How I want to present the artwork. What does the website need to look like and how should it function. I looked at the Branding, as well, to see if improvements need to be made.

Most importantly, I took time off from worrying about which Content I need to post each day. I took a break from it all, which helped me get refreshed, recharged, and ready to go, again. I remember that this is what I love. It’s what I’m passionate about. It gives me Life and without it, without creating artwork, my Life would feel empty.

Under Construction.

Yes, I am building a new website. Technically, it’s already Live. However, only a small portion of my Art Collection has been added to it. Also, only a couple of art pieces are fully updated. It needs Branding, SEO updates, Descriptions… A lot to work on for the next couple of weeks.

Good news: It is a legitimate Online Store. Art buyers will be able to order art pieces at various sizes directly from my website. Framed or Unframed. Everything is built in. Right now on WordPress, you have to click a Button, which takes you to another website that has my work posted. I want to get rid of that step making sure my website is fully functional on its own.

I am keeping the WordPress Blog that many of you Follow. It will have a Link in the Navigation Bar of the new Online Store. However, the artwork will no longer be on Exhibit through WordPress. The additional Pages will be deleted, but I will continue to share News and Artwork in Blog Posts. I will likely keep this website ‘as is’ until the new space is completely finished.

If you would like to see the new website, please visit:

Current Exhibition.

1st September – 31st October, 2017
The Artbox Gallery
General Guisan Strasse 8
PF 3533
6303 Zug


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  1. I liked the look of the new website but it’s taking a while to load some sections

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