Techism | Hosted by ArtRepublic

November 3-11, 2017
100 North Laura Street
9th Floor
Jacksonville, FL.

Hosted by ArtRepublic
Featuring Artists: Krista Kim, Migual Chavalier, REO, & Fabien Forban

Public Opening Night

Krista Kim is the Founder of “Techcism,” which focuses on how Society is effected by the Digital Age. I was introduced to her work on Instagram and was happy that she periodically ‘Liked’ some of my work, as well. Needing to be more involved in the Art Community, I jumped at the chance to see her work in person during “Public Opening Night.”

Artwork by Krista Kim | Sound Frequency by Tenille Bentley


This is an 8-Part Collaborative Series of Light, Color, & Sound. Krista gave me a bit more information about how these three elements are tied together to provoke a response from the audience…

Photo w/ Krista Kim


Artwork by Fabian Forban


Fabian’s work is mesmerizing as I tried to find a connection between all of the images converging, distorting, and blurring at once. Is it a visual story? Do multiple Universes exists as he feels? I also found it interesting that these images are on both sides of this screen…

Artwork by REO


REO has his hand in multiple industries including Music. An impressive Resume. The closer you get to this screen, the more you see shapes like large pixels and the piece begins to deconstruct…

Artwork by Miguel Chavalier


Miguel’s work is interactive. ‘Somehow,’ the Light reacts to your body movements, which gives the participant a role in creating each piece. How amazing is that?! Of course, I wanted to try something…

Self-Portrait w/ Artwork by Miguel Chavalier


As you can see, the Light bends slightly near the bottom of the piece as if the pattern is drawn to me…

Photo Gallery

Included are the rest of the photos that I’d like to share. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and capture these images while adding my own unique Style during Photo Editing. The idea is not to detract from the original Artist’s work, but to allow people to see the Space from my Perspective. If you would like to share these Photographs, please remember to Tag me.


Eric Christopher Jackson

Instagram: @ericchristopherjackson
Facebook: @ericchristopher.jackson
Twitter: @artbyecj

Featured Artists on Instagram:
Krista Kim:
Migual Chavaleir: @miguel_chavalier
REO: @thisreo
Fabien Forban: @fabienforban

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