Butterfly (2017) | Acrylic Painting

Top View



My first attempt to paint “Butterfly” went terribly wrong. I have not painted in years. Trying to get back into the swing of it has been more challenging than I anticipated. After a few weeks off, I decided to use a slightly smaller canvas at 10 x 10 inches opposed to the 12 x 12-inch canvas I used initially…

Front View


The main problem is I tend to draw very small and trying to translate my ideas to a larger canvas has been difficult. I could simply choose an 8 x 8-inch Canvas size (or even smaller) to fit my comfort zone.

I had a very good conversation with the Associate at Reddi-Arts here in Downtown Jacksonville. She educated me on the various types of paints from Brands to Quality and Drying time. Who knew there were more than one Black & White for Painting. I chose ‘Carbon Black’ & ‘Titanium White’ for my Concepts in Minimalism.

Side View


On this second attempt, my hand was much steadier while painting my Lines, yet, I still need a lot of work. I am considering the use of Black India Ink fr this Concept to achieve the fine lines I’m looking for. However, the Texture of Canvas is nice, as well.

I also tried trying my pencil Sketch into a digital graphic, yet, it felt lifeless to me as a PhotoShop file.

What do you all think of this Piece?

Have a Wonderful 2018.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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