Paper & Printing

Art Collection by Eric Christopher Jackson


Dear Readers,

It is important that I offer the highest quality prints of my work. I have spent the beginning of 2018 looking over the entire Collection to make sure each image prints out exactly how you see it on-screen.

With over 150 art pieces available, this has become a huge undertaking. The first order of selected prints arrived this weekend. For the most part, no Color Corrections are needed or adjustments to tonal range for Black & White prints.

However, I did notice a handful of prints that did not meet my Standards. These prints will not be for sale until Corrections have been made. One piece in particular has been removed from my Collection.

I am preparing to order the second run this week, which will include reprints of art pieces that need correction. The goal is to have physical samples all 150+ art pieces to present to interested Collectors.

Of course, the Top 25 prints will be featured and used in Marketing.

I must say, it has been such a joy to see much of my work Printed and photographed together. It feels like a collage of Color & Emotion. To date, this work has been Sold mainly through Print-on-Demand websites.

Now, I have an opportunity to Print the work myself. Each Printer is a bit different; Colors & Tones change according to what type of paper the work is printed on. So far, I favor Glossy over Matte paper because the Colors are more vibrant.

I hope to have another Update on the progress of this Project by the end of the month.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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