Mum | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Art Series: Mum (2018) | Work-in-Progress

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Mum (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


Dear Readers,

I have been working on a new Series which has been shared on my Social Media Channels and the Nature Collection in the Gallery. The new Series, entitled, “Mum” highlights beautiful Jumbo Mum flowers I recently spotted during a typical trip to the grocery store.

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Mum, No.2 (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


In hopes of adding more Color to my Collection, while staying within the Style of my work, these flowers were captured in Studio against a black backdrop. I also tested shots against a white backdrop. As I continue to Edit the Photography, a few of those may end up in the Series, as well.

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Mum, No.3 (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


Normally, I number the Series according to which shots I captured first. However, this Set is numbered by which pieces were finished, first. For example, Mum, No.3 is one of the first shots I captured, yet, it’s No.3 in the Series.

I am not sure how many images will be included in the Mum Series. I do know that I have at least two more potential pieces that may be added. For now, four pieces are finished. As a bonus, these photographs can be purchased larger than the 24-inch by 36-inch maximum Dimension size that I regularly offer. This Series is available at various Sizes starting at 8-inch by 12-inch up to 36-inch by 54-inch.

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Mum, No.4 (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


In the past, I have tried to rush out new work in my excitement to show others. This Series is being Edited more methodically. I need to take my time while Editing each potential addition and re-shoot (if possibly) certain pieces that don’t quite meet my standards.

The group of flowers I purchased have faded quickly. I will need to purchase more Jumbo Mums to continue adding to this Series beyond the shots I already have. I’m not sure if I will. My next purchase of flowers will probably be a different type of flower altogether. Time will tell.

You may purchase these Prints on Fine Art Paper in the “Nature” Section of the Gallery ( I hope you like the new work. There’s more to come.

Eric Christopher Jackson

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