Life is a Test.

How long are you willing to fight for what you want? Days? Weeks? What if it takes…Years? Will you keep going?

In the Past, I didn’t. Unwilling. And I failed Life’s Test. It cost me. A lot. But the same Test comes back around. Again & Again. Each time, tougher than the last. But I knew I had to refuse to give up. Not this time.

Beyond all Logic & Reason, I had Hope of better days that felt like they’d never come. Eventually, most of my Faith evaporated. My heart felt Cold as Stone. My body felt exhausted. I didn’t pray for anything anymore.

Over the past few weeks, things only got worse, more Challenging. More obstacles to overcome. I finally began to ask God for Mercy. Not because I deserved it or I’d do something Special for Him in return. After doing my best, grinding for six months, I simply needed help because even after all my efforts, it wasn’t enough.

I picked up my last morsel of Faith and gathered all my Savings. Put everything on the table…it seemed like now or never. During the bus ride, I could only stare out the window. No expectations. No guarantees. No thoughts in my head of what might be.

I went to the Dealership for a Used Car. 2013. Nice dark red color. I was not Approved. I began to sink in my chair considering another 20 hours of commuting this week to/from work.

But the people began to scramble around hunting for another solution after I explained my…situation. A 2017 sat next to the vehicle I wanted. Same color, but it included Factory Rebates. They came back to me with a new plan and I agreed to try again while attempting not to get my hopes up.

I had just enough funds to cover the new idea including Insurance. Even during the Test Drive, I felt my strength to Believe was gone. Upon returning, I was told that the deal had been finalised.

As I pulled out of the Car Lot, tears blurred my vision. No time to get emotional, right? But..what just happened? Then, I remembered what the Car Salesman said while handing me the key: “Hey, man, this is a Blessing from God!”

After a lot of hard work & sacrifice, I began to consider…oh my gosh, He heard me. Not what I deserve. Mercy.

– Eric Christopher Jackson


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