What is Your Worth?

Happy Saturday. Fun Fact: I can be picky about what I wear. Too often, I’ve driven myself crazy roaming from store to store in @shoptheavenues comparing prices & Styles.

A few weeks ago, I needed a more formal sweatshirt with full-length zipper that would match whatever I wear. (My Winter jacket’s too much for this time of year).

I couldn’t find the right one. Heading out of @belk the Calvin Klein section caught my eye. Of course, I didn’t look over there initially because CK is expensive.

However, I found the bestest sweatshirt! Navy blue in the middle. Black sleeves. Full zipper. I looked at the price tag and put it back. I noticed the “Clearance” Sign on the rack. 50% OFF.

Hmm..Now I’m on the fence. I think the Saleswoman was laughing at me. I told her I’d just try it on, it looks too big for me anyway and this is the last one on the rack.

Of course, it fit perfectly! She agreed. And the material is soft, but sturdy. Feels heavy, but not suffocating. …ugh.

So, I’m waiting in line still arguing with myself internally about the price tag when the guy in front of me glances back at the sweatshirt then at me with a smirk like: “Are you sure you can afford that?”

Hey! I can buy this. I work. And just because you can buy a bunch of designer dress shirts doesn’t make you better than me.

My turn. Then, I began to think: Lord, do I really need to buy this to prove a point? Perhaps the Saleswoman noticed my hesitation because she said I could save another 20% OFF simply by applying for a Belk Card.

SOLD.🙌 Some people started to look at me differently. Ooh..look at what he’s wearing. Now I have a car..look at what he drives. While I am truly happy to have these things, my value as a human being doesn’t depend on what I own. Unfortunately, not everyone sees Life this way.

What if tragedy strikes & you lose everything? Are you worth anything anymore?


Website: byecj.com
Instagram: @ericchristopherjackson

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