Opposition (2018)

Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


Happy Saturday, Readers:

Memorial Day Weekend. I spent a good portion of my Friday night painting this Black & White Concept. The initial thought was rain as black & white paint would flow towards the center from opposite directions.

In the process, the battle between Light and Dark (Good & Evil) became more clear to me. A Fight. The Struggle that takes place within the heart of every human being rises to the surface. At first, I wanted the contrasting colors to flow smooth into each other. Yet, it felt necessary to make the paint clunky, aggressive, emotional…


Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Bottom | Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


As the painting began to take shape, I realized I didn’t know which side was up. Would the black flow down into the white or vice versa? Ultimately, the ‘Light’ flows down as the ‘Dark’ rises up.

The next issue was hanging the canvas. Ideally, I would install a Wire hanger BEFORE I begin to paint. Yet, I wanted the freedom to turn the canvas in any direction depending on how the finished piece looked.

Installing a Wire Hanger AFTER the painting is finished is challenging. I needed advice, so I contacted Reddiarts, the local Art Store where I buy my Art Supplies. One of their Reps, Jen, gave me excellent advice. I found a shoe box to place under the painting giving me room to install the Wire Hanger from underneath the piece.

In the future, she advised that I prep the Wire Hanger holes in the canvas on ALL sides of the canvas BEFORE starting to paint. Then, I can put in the screws based on which side of the piece turns out to be the top. Typically, I like to plan out how a painting will look before I begin, but Concepts can alter during the process.


Top | Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson

Top | Opposition (2018) by Eric Christopher Jackson


After a difficult week at work, it was very relaxing to come home and work on a Painting. Even when facing challenging issues, there is a sense of Calm at a level that I have not had in creating Art Photography.

During the Holiday Weekend, have fun. Enjoy the extra time off. Pet a cat. 🙂 That kind of thing.

Stay Safe, everyone.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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