Circle Foundation Spotlight No9

Circle Foundation | Spotlight Magazine, No.9

Circle Foundation Spotlight No9

Print Magazine Available | View Digital Copy

We introduce you to 60 mid-career and established, international artists working in a variety of discipline. From painting, sculpture, photography and collage to mixed media or digital media we investigate what art looks like today and offer you an exclusive curated selection of handpicked artwork to collect.

Leaf through the pages of Issue 9 of SPOTLIGHT Magazine to discover each artist and read about their practice. Contact us directly to inquire about purchasing a piece or collaborating with the artist. -CFA

On the Front Cover – Egon Gade
On the Back Cover – Daniel Dociu

Discover unique artwork by:
Octavio Aburto ∙ Ariane Ahlmann ∙ Nadal Antelmo ∙ Leila Bokel ∙ Natalia Bragina ∙ Cookie Ashton ∙ Behzodiy ∙ Peter Bremers ∙ Troy Bunch ∙ Daniel Butterworth ∙ Mary Chaplin ∙ Lynn Chen ∙ Kaya Cheung Chin Hang ∙ Paul Christener ∙ Williams Delabona ∙ Gunilla Daga ∙ Barrie Dale ∙ Daniel Dociu ∙ Andrey Epishin ∙ Egon Gade ∙ Mara Galvão ∙ Constantin Gorelov ∙ Michael Ian Goulding ∙ Marek Grychczynski ∙ Miya Hannan ∙ Garry D Harley ∙ Alexandra Hunter ∙ Eric Christopher Jackson ∙ Martyna Jastrzebska ∙ Nancy Ellen Jones ∙ Simon Jugovic Fink ∙ Shigeru K ∙ Carol Lynn Kirchner ∙ Jean Marc La Roque ∙ Gunter Langer ∙ Jerome Chia-Horng Lin ∙ Debbie O Lucas ∙ Marilyn Macgregor ∙ Stephen Mangum ∙ Volker Mayr ∙ Siegfried Lehmann ∙ Julie Moss ∙ Allisdhair McNaull ∙ Noel Myles ∙ Keiko Nabila Yamazaki ∙ Paul Nam ∙ Federico Pisciotta ∙ Olivier Pringal ∙ Molly Scannell ∙ Greta Schnall ∙ Bernd Steinert ∙ N H Teetelli ∙ Chris Thomas ∙ Zephyra Vun ∙ Robert Van De Graaf ∙ Roxana Werner ∙ Nan Xu ∙ Evgeny Yakovlev ∙ Kyle Yip


Circle Foundation | "Spotlight" Issue No.9

Rest (2009)


  1. You are in fabulous company Eric loved the art in this magazine. Always liked your thoughtful self portrait photo.

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