Eric Christopher Jackson

In the Studio

Eric Christopher Jackson

I love experimenting with a single light source against a black background. Over this 10-year journey I have become comfortable with being a Photograhic Artist ‘in front’ of the Camera.

Yes. Getting the right Composition is the toughest part. I have to anticipate not only my position within the frame, but how the light is going to fall.

I have frustrating moments more times than not, but when I hit the mark, it’s well worth it.

This shot is a Happy Accident. I put the Camera away thinking I was finished, then a new idea came to mind. I forgot to set the Lens back to 70mm (pretty Standard for Portrait Shots). At 35mm, everything gets distorted with this wider view.

When people see my Studio📷 work they think I have a grand Studio in a Loft. Um…no, but that’s an excellent goal to pursue. I think, for me, it’s just making sure the quality of the work is the best I can make it. Down the road? I’d like a comfy home with a fireplace next to a grand lake surrounded by mountains.👌

Don’t let your Dreams become Fantasy.


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