Yellow, No.3 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow | Art Work-in-Progress


This year has been extremely quiet on my Blog. I had simply lost motivation to write the way I used to. At first, I did not understand why until I began to take a closer look at my Work. I came to the conclusion that I needed to try something new. Although my previous Artworks were good, there is so much room for improvement.

I want to be more creative. My work needs more imagination. I have to try to things. Experiment. Not be afraid of mistakes. Failure. Which happened last weekend as I began a new Project…

I had little idea of what I was doing. I purchased all the necessary items, but I had never tried something like this before. My first two Concepts failed miserably. I could not take what was in my head and bring it into reality. The lighting didn’t work. The Composition was off. And the finished scenes simply did not spark the Emotion I was looking for. Time to try something else…

Yellow by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow (2018)

I think… when you lose Passion for something, everything stops. I have to be curious, again. I had become really good at photographing certain things like Nature and Architecture over the past ten years, there was no more room for Discovery. Nothing really surprised me. …Nothing really frustrated me.

The frustration returned šŸ™‚ when I decided to combine an acrylic sheet, yellow acrylic paint, water, Photo Lighting, and capture a decent Composition with my Camera. All the elements react differently to Light. The black acrylic sheet is very reflective. I can see ‘everything’ in it. Water is reflective to a point. It simply depends on the direction of the light source. The yellow paint… I don’t understand it completely. Overall, it was very easy to put too much light on it causing extreme Color Aberrations in the Highlights. Drove me crazy. Then… the water started mixing with the paint, which caused to paint to break up and run wherever it wanted.

After several failed attempts to capture to the Composition I was going for…

Yellow, No.2 by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow, No.2 (2018)

…Yes. I smeared the painted all over fully prepared to wash the paint off and start over. However… I thought, Wow, this looks kinda Cool. There I was, again, trying several different Compositions, throwing more water on the acrylic sheet. Basically, making a mess with no real idea of how this would turn out. Still, I was having fun with this…

Tired. Completely forgot that I hadn’t eaten breakfast and it was well into the Saturday afternoon. I was close to something, though, I wasn’t sure what that was. But I was getting hungry. I decided to push forward as long as I could.

Yellow, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow, No.3 (2018)

During this process, I learned to shoot in spurts. Photograph a few shots. Edit the shots. Time-consuming, yet, effective. I needed to make sure the Composition was working. The depth-of-field needed to be solid. And the acrylic sheet couldn’t reflect the camera or anything else including myself.

“Yellow, No.3” fit the Style I had been looking for the most. It’s not perfect, but, it grabs my attention. Unfortunately, some of the paint dried on the acrylic sheet and tarnished the surface. I can’t get the residue off, which means I need to order a new sheet online since it’s been difficult trying to find black acrylic sheets locally. I did look at different surfaces to apply paint on, but the Look of the black acrylic still is my favorite.

Yellow WIP by Eric Christopher Jackson

A Look at “Yellow”

To be honest, I am exhausted after Photographing and Editing so much over the weekend, then having to deal with the fast pace at my day job this week. Added to that, I’m working on my Resume/Portfolio and applying for jobs that will help advance my Career/Business. My day job is simply taking up too much time & energy for me to work on several Creative Projects. I need to spend more time focused on what I’m passionate about.

How do you like the images shown above? Feel free to share any thoughts you have.

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson

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