Book Review by “Realistic Poetry International”

We believe Author Eric Christopher Jackson’s “Redemption,” is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially men, revealing some of the more intimate and silent battles they may face and keep inside…read our full 5-star review! -Realistic Poetry International


As I mentioned on InstaStories a few weeks ago, I submitted my third Collection of Poetry entitled, “Redemption,” to Realistic Poetry International (RPI) for a Book Review. Mind you, this Collection was published over two years ago. I wondered if the writing would feel old, outdated… Still, with thoughts of putting together my fourth Collection of Poetry, I needed an official Review of the work already available.

Typically, it does take one to three months for a Review Submission to be completed. Thank the Lord, I didn’t have to wait three months. Still, I was getting anxious as the weeks went by, but it is very unprofessional to inquire about a Submission’s progress. You just have to be patient. In the meantime, it helps to focus on other Projects that need attention.

Before the Review was posted to RPI’s website, they emailed me a copy. As I read it Monday night, I was overwhelmed with happiness, sadness, relief… I expected a one-page Review. They wrote nearly three pages and pointed out many themes within the Poetry that I had forgotten about! It was simply… overwhelming.

Of course, I have to share the Review with as many people as I can. Thank you to Ana Bingham and the Staff of Realistic Poetry International for genuinely taking the time to dig into the words written and share thoughtful feedback on them. …Wow. It made me go back and read over my own work. It still impacts me emotionally. Brings back so many memories.

I hope you enjoy the read, as well.
-Eric Christopher Jackson

Realistic Poetry International
Book Review | “Redemption” by ecj.


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