Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Series | Jacksonville Beach


Where do you go when you’re feeling a bit low? Throughout my life, when I’ve needed to clear my head…I like to rest near water. Within the city, it can be a large Fountain. However, the beach is the best place to unwind. The smell of the ocean water, the sound of the crashing waves, the seagulls flying, singing…the wind blowing water in your face. It’s where I’ve found my happy place.


Sun Led by Eric Christopher Jackson

SUN LED (2018)

Most of my Photographic Art is simple. I focus on creating a mood.. trying to evoke an emotion from the viewer (firstly, myself). If an image does not ‘impact’ me, I usually will be left out of a Series…

Typically, the first images I capture are vanilla in terms of Composition. It takes time for me to get a feel for the area and understand where the best shots will come from. “Sun Led” shows the overall environment, but it should not be boring. It’s a great No.1 in the Series because the pier invites viewers to walk towards the horizon…


Quier Mind by Eric Christopher Jackson


This scene has an emphasis on Texture. Creating Texture in Photography requires finding texture in the world around you. Water can be flat and smooth, but when it interacts with the shore combined with the natural light from the sun, it creates something like this…


Sun Bathe by Eric Christopher Jackson

SUN BATHE (2018)

🙂 I could not see much of anything while looking through the Viewfinder of my Camera. The sunlight was simply overwhelming, which makes it difficult to keep your vision from blurring while capturing images. Also, when the sun is this close to the horizon, it moves rather quickly.. higher into the sky. Needless to say, it can be a mad dash for a Photographer to get in position to capture certain Compositions…


Between the Lines by Eric Christopher Jackson


Trying to get this Composition right was much tougher than I thought it would be. I wanted to see more detail under the pier…


Beneath the Pier by Eric Christopher Jackson


I believe this is the first shot that caught my attention in the Series during Editing. The Composition was spot on. The balance between Light and Shadow works really well…


Cast by Eric Christopher Jackson

CAST (2018)

At first, I wondered if this person would interrupt the mood of the shot. Instead, he made it better and by this time, the sunlight was much better highlighting more detail on the pier…


The Escape by Eric Christopher Jackson


While this scene stands out in the Series, I like the mood that the subtle color gives. Though, I am still considering the look into a B/W version… 🙂


Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson


This scene became the shot of the day, though I Edited this several days (if not weeks) after I initially began Editing. It takes time to get a good feel for the overall Series and which images work. I wanted this scene to have more of a Fine Art Style. I was afraid the sunlight may be too bright for Viewers, but I feel in love with the emotion in this so much I kept it…


Light's Touch by Eric Christopher Jackson


Finally, I asked my Instagram audience about this one because I was on the fence. Add it? Leave it out? Something about it grabbed my attention, but I wasn’t sold completely. Yet, once I posted it on Instagram enough people commented that it’s a good addition. (Hooray!) Now, it’s one of my favorites in the Series.


More may be added to this Series, but, for now, these are my Selections to date. If you would like to purchase any of these Prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper, feel free to contact me. The Series is also available for purchase in a few of my Online Stores. I will include the direct Links to them below. As always, thank you for reading and following my work.

God bless you all,
Eric Christopher Jackson


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