Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Visiting The ANNEX Gallery


Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Top: Rapport (2017) | Bottom: Sun Led (2018)

I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Being able to see my Artwork on Exhibit in the city I live in. I scheduled the 24th to take off work last week. Unfortunately, leading up to this day has been mixed with difficulties.

Last Saturday, I had an emergency Dental appointment because I was in so much pain. After a couple of X-Rays, it’s been discovered that a portion of my gum tissue is swollen. A portion of my jaw bone needs to be trimmed and excess gum tissue has to be removed. Oddly enough, my top Molar is biting into my gums near the back of my mouth. The bone is unusually high meaning my top rear teeth need more room to come down. Because I do not have Dental Insurance, I have to find a way to have this Procedure done within my Budget. (..Wonderful.)

Last night, the Cold I’ve been fighting off worsened. I found myself at Walgreens after 11pm picking up orange juice, chicken noodle soup, Nyquil, and Ricola cough drops (to stave off a sore throat). This morning, I woke up very drowsy from the Nyquil; it took a while to ‘wake up.’

However, by mid-afternoon, my Cold had lessened and my swollen gum tissue was not bothering me too much. I was all smiles upon arriving at the Gallery. Whatever ailments I have disappeared and I was able to appreciate the moment.


Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

3rd Place | Edge of Light (2018)


This year is about “Self-Improvement.” All other worries & concerns must fade away to lock-in to what I must do to progress. Honestly, it’s the most difficult thing I’ve had to do in my Life because my mind constantly jumps ahead of where I am. I need to focus on the Present opposed to the Future. Focus on myself opposed to what others think or how others will view me & my Work.

As for the Videos, yes 🙂 I need to get rid of the red-orange color cast (it’s driving me crazy). I can White Balance my Photography in Editing, which eliminates the Color Cast, but I have to set the correct Color Temperature before shooting Videos. By the way, most of the Social Media Sharing is on Instagram. I hope to expand the reach of my Work there.

Best Regards,
Eric Christopher Jackson

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