Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII

Hello Readers,

First, I have to say: I have been a football fan since I was a little kid. Football is my favorite Sport. The San Francisco 49ers is my Pro Team. No, we did not make the Playoffs this year, but we’re an up-and-coming bunch.

Now, I would like to share my thoughts on the Super Bowl LIII (aka Super Bowl 53). …What in the world was that? Wait. I have to back up and say, this is why I wanted the Kansas City Chiefs to play the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl LIII. Both teams have an …okay Defense, but both Offenses are exciting, high-powered scoring machines. Touchdowns abound.

Instead. We had the New England Patriots (who do not have a good Wide Receiving group) and the Los Angeles Rams (who seem to sputter on Offense when too much pressure is put on their Quarterback). Well, the perfect storm happened …for the Defense of each team.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching. New England only had one guy on Offense, Julian Edelman, who played consistently throughout the entire game. Of course, he received the “Most Valuable Player” Award because outside of him, no one else’s performance really jumped out at you. And the GOAT, Tom Brady? He threw an Interception on his first pass of the game, albeit I think it was off of a tipped pass.

Anyway, New England’s Offense couldn’t do anything for practically the entire game. Don’t believe me? Neither team scored a single point in the first Quarter. Then, the Patriots did kick a field goal in the 2nd Quarter. So, at halftime, the score was 3-0 Patriots.

Hmm. Should I talk about the Rams’ Offense? Well, they finally kicked a field goal in the 3rd Quarter. The Patriots didn’t score at all in the 3rd Quarter. Meaning at the beginning of the 4th Quarter, the game was tied 3-3. The Los Angeles Rams had trouble making a first down for much of the game. Their Quarterback seemed jittery. Missed some throws. Rushed some throws. Held the ball too long. Tried to go deep too often when his Receivers where well covered.

The Defenses of both teams played great. Especially for the Rams considering they were on the field for most of the game. The Rams Offense couldn’t stay on the field longer than a few minutes because nothing worked. They couldn’t run the ball consistently. They couldn’t throw the ball effectively for much of the game. Their Defense did the best they could, but when Jared Goff (the Quarterback) threw an Interception near the end of the 4th Quarter …you knew the Rams Defense was simply tired. Too tired to tackle anyone anymore.

The Patriots got the ball back and began to drive down the field with ease and finally …finally, they scored a Touchdown. The game was 10-3. Wow. In order for New England to score a TD, the Rams Defense needed to be dead-tired exhausted. Otherwise, the Patriots couldn’t put enough plays together to score against a fresh Defense.

With less than two minutes left in the game, the Patriots kicked another field goal and that’s how the game ended: 13-3.

The entire game was simply hard to watch. If the Rams would have double-teamed Julian Edelman, the Patriots wouldn’t have been able to move the ball down the field at all. On top of that, the Rams’ Offense …I’ve …I’ve never seen that. One of the best Offenses in the NFL simply did not play well. Could not get in a rhythm for almost the entire game.

In Conclusion, this game did not feel like the Super Bowl. It felt like a regular Season game that someone put together because they thought it would be funny.

“Eric, what about the Halftime Show?” Um. I never thought I’d see SpongeBob as part of a Halftime performance. But he had an extended cameo of sorts. I knew a couple of songs they sang. The lights were pretty. Lots of flashing lights, fireworks, and flames shooting into the air. The TV Network had to cut the Audio in certain spots because …I think they were cursing in the lyrics. That’s my best guess.

At first, it was okay. Then, long after SpongeBob was gone, they were still singing, etc. and I started asking myself: ‘Okay.. when is this over?’ Then, some dude drove up in a classic car (Cadillac?) wearing a giant fur coat and sung an old-school song. I was like, alright, just end it. That’s enough. Then, there was a song after that and by that time my mind had wandered to something else.

Unfortunately, the Halftime Show had the same feeling as the game. It didn’t feel like a Super Bowl performance. More like, this is an extra game added to the regular Season. I will be shocked if the ratings and Opinions of this game are good. I think the Saints would have been a better match-up against the Patriots and since a bunch of people think the Saints unfairly lost the Conference Championship game a lot of them will say: “You see! The Rams shouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl in the first place.”

As an added experiment, I ran the entire NFL Playoffs through the Madden 19 Simulation. Do you know who made it to the Super Bowl? The New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. “Shut ..up.” Yes. I said the Cowboys. Actually, the Cowboys were the only team to beat the Patriots because I ran the Simulation putting other teams against New England. All of them lost. The Chiefs. The Chargers. The Saints. Etc. No one could beat the Patriots except the Dallas Cowboys.

I know. Strange phenomenon. Well, Dallas’ Defense is just as good as the Rams, so New England had trouble scoring (like they did tonight). And.. the Cowboys’ Offense played better (in the Madden 19 Simulation) than the Rams’ Offense played tonight. The Cowboys beat the Patriots 28-17. Now! The only team in the Simulation to really give Dallas problems… the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dallas barely won in a 17-15 Final score. Oh, and Dallas did lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 15-6.

I dread the Off-Season. I have to hear certain people talk about how great the Patriots are and how Tom Brady is the GOAT. If you actually watched the game, you’d know how poor both Offenses played, including Tom Brady. I respect New England for winning the game, but the Rams’ Offense played so poorly, how can I heap loads of credit onto New England? Oh, well.

-Eric Christopher Jackson

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