Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Be Still.

Silence barely a whisper if you speak you may ruin the moment fragile fleeting everything I need to find my way home -ecj

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

March-June 10, 2017 | The Artbox Gallery | Group Exhibition

  March 1st – June 10, 2017 Group Exhibition The Artbox Gallery General Guisan Strasse 8 Postfach 3533 6303 Zug Switzerland Top: Rest (2009) Bottom: Coming Up for Air (2012) Dream of Red (2009): SOLD If you Follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of the News. Three pieces from my Collection

"Suspended" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Suspended (2013)

Suspended (2013) 91x61cm | 36x24in $115-$420 “A world, frozen. Still. Suspended on nothing, but air.” -ecj Includes Ready-to-Hang Framed print available in various sizes beginning at 31x20cm (12x8in).

Moana | 2016

I had the pleasure of watching Moana. It was easy to relate to. The elements of the story are familiar, but the way they’re presented is quite unique. It does remind me of Zootopia in that you have a female character drawn to a purpose that is different from how

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

The Artbox.Projects | Art Basel 1.0 – June 2017

June 14-18, 2017 | Art Basel 1.0 | Euroairport Hello Readers, Quite a few artists have contacted me recently concerning The Artbox.Projects. I appreciate the compliments and “Congrats” on winning the Vote at Spectrum: Miami 2016. Some of you may have the same questions; I’ll try to address those here.

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Tokyo International Art Fair | May 2017 – Final Call to Exhibit

May 26-27, 2017 Hi everyone, Periodically, I receive News on upcoming Art Fairs & Exhibitions. Today, I received a Final Call for the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan. I’ll share an excerpt of the email: Final Call to Exhibit Tokyo International Art Fair 26-27 May 2017 at Hikarie Shibuya


Can you see it Tall as the sky Clear as day Can you see it Have you ever seen what you want It’s right there in front of you But you can’t take it A dream A goal An accomplishment It’s like being blocked by an invisible wall A wall

Published | Ruminate Magazine (Spring 2017)

  I’ve been following Ruminate Magazine for a while. When I read about the opportunity to submit a thought to the Readers’ Notes section, I started thinking about what I wanted to say. It had to be brilliant, clever, earth-shattering. Right? I couldn’t think of anything. 🙂 Finally, I stopped

Grey Skies

The blue skies are gone. The grey has returned. The water is dark. Intensity building. Can you see it? If not, just listen. -Eric Christopher Jackson

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