Willems Agency International | London

  Dear Readers. I am not sure how to share this News; I suppose I’ll simply start from the beginning. I was having a conversation with my sister several weeks ago about how slow my progress has been in furthering my art career in the U.S. Most of my opportunities

No Time Left

There’s no time There’s no time to procrastinate No time to wallow in pity or sorrow No time to waste on grudges No time to worry about tomorrow Today can be gone in an instant -ecj

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

HOBNOB & Stellers Gallery Present…

  Hello Readers. I am always uplifted & feel at home when walking through an Art Gallery. Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting HOBNOB Gallery for the first time. The Exhibit is co-Presented with Stellers Gallery featuring acrylic paintings by Christina Doelling, Holly Blanton, & Alma Ramirez. You know

"Intrusion" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Intrusion | 2015

Acrylic Print Available in Various Sizes   Hello Followers. It is a rainy Saturday, but it’s needed. Not only does it goes us a break from the oncoming Summer heat, the massive wildfire in Southern Georgia has been sending a dense smoke plume to Northern Florida. It’s a challenge to

"Pierce" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Pierce (2017)

Pierce (2017) 91x61cm | 36x24in $120-$500 An Experiment with Color & Lighting to elicit a strong, emotional response.

"Garden Light" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Garden Light | 2017

Here comes the morning light… The Lighting is awkward in a good way. Intense light in the foreground and far left, but the rest of the background is almost pitch black.

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Be Still.

Silence barely a whisper if you speak you may ruin the moment fragile fleeting everything I need to find my way home -ecj

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

March-June 10, 2017 | The Artbox Gallery | Group Exhibition

  March 1st – June 10, 2017 Group Exhibition The Artbox Gallery General Guisan Strasse 8 Postfach 3533 6303 Zug Switzerland Top: Rest (2009) Bottom: Coming Up for Air (2012) Dream of Red (2009): SOLD If you Follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of the News. Three pieces from my Collection

"Suspended" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Suspended (2013)

Suspended (2013) 91x61cm | 36x24in $115-$420 “A world, frozen. Still. Suspended on nothing, but air.” -ecj Includes Ready-to-Hang Framed print available in various sizes beginning at 31x20cm (12x8in).

Moana | 2016

I had the pleasure of watching Moana. It was easy to relate to. The elements of the story are familiar, but the way they’re presented is quite unique. It does remind me of Zootopia in that you have a female character drawn to a purpose that is different from how

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