CreativPaper, Issue 12, Vol. 3 | Artist Feature

CreativPaper is an environmentally aware platform and publication dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging creative talent alongside established professionals whilst being committed to bringing awareness to social and environmental issues. CreativPaper was founded in 2015 by Manchester based creatives Jimmy Outhwaite and Jefferson Pires as a Instagram page. Featuring: Cover

Yellow, No.8 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow | Photography Series by Eric Christopher Jackson

This Series was created in October 2018. I remember starting with a simple drop of paint on a black acrylic sheet. Splashes of water. Assuming this process was going to be easy…     However, capturing the right Composition with the proper Lighting proved to be more challenging than I

Ten Years of Contemporary Art Photography

Featuring “Scots Song” by Charlotte Hoather. Hi, It has been such a whirlwind of a Journey. When I first began in March 2008, I had little idea of where the road would lead. Some days, I still have questions about where I’m heading. However, this year I have made the

A “Go Blue!” Holiday

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen: ‘Tis the Weekend to be most Jolly! We have also reached the home stretch of the College Football Season. (..Yes. This is important, too.) 🙂 I hope you enjoy today’s vlog. -Eric

Stay Focused.

Happy Friday Eve, As I continue to ‘talk’ to you via Vlog, I hope to get better not only with Lighting and overall Presentation, but in how well I speak. I seem to get nervous on Video, yet, if I keep working at it, I’ll improve… These Videos are captured

A New Direction.

Hi, I have decided to talk to you through a vlog for a change. It takes some getting use to since I typically shy away from a crowd. Well, I need to start somewhere.. Quick correction to what was mentioned in the vlog, I began a Resident Artist of The

Touch the Shore by Eric Christopher Jackson

Welcome to EyeEm

To continue the thought from the previous Blog post, Don’t Give Up on Me Now, I will talk about the third Spot where I see potential for my Career to grow. I created a Profile on EyeEm. They have a Magazine and give Photographers a chance for their Work to

Don’t Give Up on Me now

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to move a few steps backwards. Retrace your steps. Figure out how to get to where you want to be by taking a different path. I found myself doing this over the past few weeks. I had to face the facts. Swallow

Finding the Right Shoes

Hi. My name is Eric. …Hi. I think there’s something wrong with me. lol! I can explain… On my job, I walk quite a bit. Over the past several months, I have bought quite a few pairs of sneakers hoping to find something more comfortable. My ‘biscuits’ have been sore.

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