Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson


You will find excerpts of Feature-Length Screenplays and Short Scripts in their entirety. Short Stories are also included along with a 26-Episode Series based on the infamous game entitled, Destiny. I continue to stretch my creative writing to new subjects including Comedy, Suspense, Fantasy, and a touch of Horror.


GENRE: Crime/Drama
Logline: Every Hero has a Nemesis. The first time I saw mine, he was in a mirror looking back at me.
Synopsis: Long-time local residents have died. The suspects have already been narrowed down to one man: Jeremy. Detective Moncrief calls him in to the police station to identify a man who has turned himself in. Jeremy can barely make out his features hiding under the black, hooded jacket. But as the man steps into the light, Jeremy realizes he knows the stranger somehow. Suddenly, the man escapes, Jeremy is at a loss, and Moncrief wonders if he should kill Jeremy where he stands while he has the chance.

Left out as bait, Jeremy runs through the town to figure out the truth for himself. How does he know who this man is? And why does he get the feeling that he’s the only one who can stop him?


GENRE: Christian/Action | 98pgs
Logline: To save another world, you have to leave your own.
Synopsis: The Rapture has come and gone in a blink of an eye. Best friends, Terrence Washington and Brad Matthews, are reunited in the Kingdom of God to discover a spiritual battle that spreads far beyond their previous home, Earth.

Time is short. Given new names, Light and Legacy, they volunteer to travel across galaxies to aid one of many planets under siege. Little do they know about the challenges they will face from a new place, a new enemy, and a new body.


GENRE: Christian/Suspense | 102pgs
Logline: One man’s choice between Heaven and Earth to save the woman he loves.
Synopsis: Terrance Washington plays by the rules, even as the Creative Director of R&R Design Firm in the competitive Advertising Industry in New York City. As a dedicated Christian, he lives by a certain Code of Conduct.

Yet, when Nicole Thompson is brought in to add a new perspective to their campaigns, Terrence finds himself conflicted between following the rules and following his heart.


WGA,W: 1404249
GENRE: Christian/Drama | 112pgs
Logline: Sometimes, the only answer is to forgive.
Synopsis: When four wealthy, Christian families face similar tragedies during the same week, they lean on each other for support.

The funerals are over; the phone calls cease; their loved ones are not coming back. And they cannot accept the answer God gives to their prayers.


WGA,W: 1397941
GENRE: Action/Suspense | 199pgs
Logline: Only a power greater than mutant abilities can save us.
Synopsis: Five years earlier, humans and mutants were on the brink of World War III. Each side would have sustained heavy losses. As the mutant population began to grow beyond faster than anyone predicted, an agreement was made. The war was averted.

Now, after a few years of consistent peace, the X-Men have been disbanded, living as ordinary citizens. As Presidential Elections are held around the world, one final victory is needed to secure the future for human and mutant alike.

Is this the end of the X-Men?



Genre: Drama/Suspense | 5pgs
LOGLINE: If only we all had someone to catch us.
SYNOPSIS:Jake & Kyle are co-workers of the same Design Agency. When Kyle’s job is in jeopardy, Jake is determined to help his friend work his way back up.

Genre: Drama/Horror | 16pgs
LOGLINE: Time to uncover the truth.
SYNOPSIS: The White House is in need of a renovation, starting with the Oval Office. But when the carpenters begin their work, they uncover more than anyone could ever imagine.

Story by Sam Umoh & Natalie Stavola
Genre: Drama/Action | 35pgs
LOGLINE: Two assassins. One target. Multiple theories.
SYNOPSIS: On record, they do not exist. They work for no one. They are called to do what no one should: uncover any truth in government conspiracy theories. If captured, they are on their own.

Genre: Comedy
LOGLINE: The challenges of marriage can lead to hair-raising, chilly event.
SYNOPSIS: Newlyweds, Brad and Diane Spencer, are having the usual Friday night party in their high-rise NYC condo. But the atmosphere is too cold and fishy for some cats to handle.

Genre: Comedy/Suspense
LOGLINE: Meeting your girlfriend’s family can be murder.
SYNOPSIS: Steven and Kelly have been dating for a while. Long enough for Steven to have Sunday dinner with her parents. Being the gentleman that he is, Steven is ready for the leap…until something else grabs his attention.



“Exos of Destiny” highlights the adventures of three brothers, each having chosen their own path to becoming a Legendary Guardian. Titan favors strength; Warlock his special abilities; Hunter in his raw instinct. Spread across the Solar System, they’ve spent little time together after graduating from The Academy. Yet, they keep a common bond through instant messages, video time, and The Vault..where they share powerful weapons (among other items) to fight for the Light.

The days of competing on who is the best are over…almost. Now, they simply want to stay alive.



Word Count: about 560
A Grandfather teaches his young grandson about what it means to love.

Word Count: about 300
George tests the patience of Mrs. Whitfield; his only break from a prison cell.

Word Count: about 2,900
A thick haze above the port city hides what residents have grown accustomed to: a sleeping dragon looms above the sea. Threat or Friend?

Word Count: about 4,600
His name is familiar to all. The most clever, the most powerful, the most beautiful. He had no weaknesses and that was the beginning of His Fall.

Word Count: about 5,000
Derrick was a loner. Lived the typical life. Yet, his sleepless night led him to the local diner for his usual meal. Suddenly, an unusual girl would change his entire perception of the world.

Word Count: about 360
Near the Beginning of Time, an Angel stands by, watching a new Earth unfold. Things go terribly wrong & he can only eavesdrop on the conversation that follows.



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