Short Scripts

The stories featured in this section are typically under fifty pages in length. Although in movie script format, the concepts are small, not as complex as a feature-length script. Still, I hope you enjoy the collection.

Genre: Drama/Suspense | 5pgs
LOGLINE: If only we all had someone to catch us.
SYNOPSIS:Jake & Kyle are co-workers of the same Design Agency. When Kyle’s job is in jeopardy, Jake is determined to help his friend work his way back up.

Genre: Drama/Horror | 16pgs
LOGLINE: Time to uncover the truth.
SYNOPSIS: The White House is in need of a renovation, starting with the Oval Office. But when the carpenters begin their work, they uncover more than anyone could ever imagine.

Story by Sam Umoh & Natalie Stavola
Genre: Drama/Action | 35pgs
LOGLINE: Two assassins. One target. Multiple theories.
SYNOPSIS: On record, they do not exist. They work for no one. They are called to do what no one should: uncover any truth in government conspiracy theories. If captured, they are on their own.

Genre: Comedy
LOGLINE: The challenges of marriage can lead to hair-raising, chilly event.
SYNOPSIS: Newlyweds, Brad and Diane Spencer, are having the usual Friday night party in their high-rise NYC condo. But the atmosphere is too cold and fishy for some cats to handle.

Genre: Comedy/Suspense
LOGLINE: Meeting your girlfriend’s family can be murder.
SYNOPSIS: Steven and Kelly have been dating for a while. Long enough for Steven to have Sunday dinner with her parents. Being the gentleman that he is, Steven is ready for the leap…until something else grabs his attention.

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