Art takes Manhattan Award 2019

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Art takes Manhattan Award 2019

Art takes Manhattan Award Recipients 2019

Art takes Manhattan‘s mission is opening Manhattan’s art market to the world beyond.   The art show for the New York Art Week in the heart of Chelsea The sixth edition of Art takes Manhattan offers a wealth of living art by twenty living artists.¬†Adjacent to the world famous High

CFA | Honorable Mention Award (2017)

Dear Readers, The Results for the 2017 “Artist of the Year” Awards have come in. Hosted by “Circle Foundation for the Arts” in Lyons, France, a First & Second Place Winner was chosen along with a list of Top 10 Artists. View their Winning Entries on CFA’s Instagram Feed:¬† I

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Tokyo International Art Fair | May 2017 – Final Call to Exhibit

May 26-27, 2017 Hi everyone, Periodically, I receive News on upcoming Art Fairs & Exhibitions. Today, I received a Final Call for the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan. I’ll share an excerpt of the email: Final Call to Exhibit Tokyo International Art Fair 26-27 May 2017 at Hikarie Shibuya

The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0

The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0

December 2016 The ArtBox Projects : Miami 1.0 Each contestant will be a part of Art Basel Art Weeks 2016 at the Miami Beach hotspot with over 40,000 visitors! We are organizing a very big art project that is touring the world and stopping in the best art spots around

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