Lens Magazine, Issue 53

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Lens Magazine, Issue 53

Looking for Acceptance in Success

JUST PUBLISHED!Explosion of Energy 🔥🔥🔥★ Issue No.53. February 2019 ★ MOTION!————————————————————————Get your magazine on Pocketmagshttps://pocketmags.com/lens-magazine————————————————————————Participating Photographers: (Articles & Interviews)Nori Inoguchi • Jakob Wagner • Jonathan Knowles • Christy Lee Rogers • Allan Kliger • Omri Shomer • Alice Zilberberg • Tomohide Ikeya • Carmine Chiriacò • Eric Christopher Jackson •

Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Visiting The ANNEX Gallery

  I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Being able to see my Artwork on Exhibit in the city I live in. I scheduled the 24th to take off work last week. Unfortunately, leading up to this day has been mixed with difficulties. Last Saturday, I

CreativPaper, Issue 12, Vol. 3 | Artist Feature

CreativPaper is an environmentally aware platform and publication dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging creative talent alongside established professionals whilst being committed to bringing awareness to social and environmental issues. CreativPaper was founded in 2015 by Manchester based creatives Jimmy Outhwaite and Jefferson Pires as a Instagram page. Featuring: Cover

Circle Foundation Spotlight No9

Circle Foundation | Spotlight Magazine, No.9

Print Magazine Available | View Digital Copy We introduce you to 60 mid-career and established, international artists working in a variety of discipline. From painting, sculpture, photography and collage to mixed media or digital media we investigate what art looks like today and offer you an exclusive curated selection of

Artwork “In Stock”

Dear Readers, There is a growing need for Artists to have Prints in Inventory available for immediate Shipment to potential Collectors. Therefore, I have created the “In Stock” Page, which features all of the Artwork currently on-hand. Eighteen Art Pieces are available. When an Art Piece is purchased, the “Add

Mum, No.7 (2018)

••• Mum, No.7 (2018) Gallery | Nature byecj.com °°° The mood..the emotion that emanates from this is completely different from previous pieces. °°° The Highlights in No.7 are extremely subtle. I wanted to make sure the image isn’t flat. Yet, I don’t want it to scream at the viewer. It’s

Representation | Blink Art

Dear Subscribers, Tuesday, February 13, 2018, I officially joined an Art Consultant Agency entitled, “Blink Art.” It is an Annual Contract that allows me to Feature some of my artwork on their website through a Digital Profile. This Profile will be seen by Blink Art Clients around the world as they

Circle Foundation for the Arts

  Circle Foundation for the Arts was founded in 2017. We are located in Lyon, France but we represent artists worldwide. We collaborate with curators and art professionals whom we invite at the end of every project to sit down with us, review the participating artists and select the recipients

Paper & Printing

  Dear Readers, It is important that I offer the highest quality prints of my work. I have spent the beginning of 2018 looking over the entire Collection to make sure each image prints out exactly how you see it on-screen. With over 150 art pieces available, this has become

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