Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Series | Jacksonville Beach

Introduction Where do you go when you’re feeling a bit low? Throughout my life, when I’ve needed to clear my head…I like to rest near water. Within the city, it can be a large Fountain. However, the beach is the best place to unwind. The smell of the ocean water,

Sun Bathe (2018)

  DETAILS: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper Silk Gloss Surface | 285 g/m² 100-Year Luminosity I want the viewer to feel like they can walk right into the scene. It pulls them in. Into a moment they were never in, but they feel a part of it now. Blinded by


When you’re starting out in photography, you need something to build up your confidence. Well, I did, at least. This qualifies. Made it into the best photograph I have ever taken! discussion back then. Now, my favorite is always changing because I’m always looking to top what I’ve done before.

Walking on Shore | 2008

DSLR: Canon Rebel XT DATE: 03.14.2008 @ 7:12am LOCATION: Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL. TBT takes us back to my first week of owning my first DSLR. We hit the road (took a drive East through my Hometown) until we ran into the Atlantic Ocean. Someone left a nicely arranged set

See the Sun

2008 MARCH 30 | Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida Another hometown memory. I photographed this during is my third trip to the beach after purchasing my first DSLR. Unfortunately, I did not know how all the camera features worked. I didn’t know how to shoot in RAW, only JPEG. So, I can

Vague Remembrance

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson Newport Beach, CA. Eyes blurred By the dreamy state The bell sounds I try not to wake I smell the ocean The seagulls sing Dance in the moonlight A little longer Just a little longer -ecj

Grey Sunlight

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson Newport Beach, CA. In an ocean of surfers, swimmers, and wanderers Onlookers stand aside on the rocks beside them Wondering if they can touch the sun Like the sun touches them -ecj

Fallen Sun

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson Newport Beach, CA. I met beautiful. -ecj

For a Walk

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson A walk along the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, CA.

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