Super Bowl LIII

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Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII

Hello Readers, First, I have to say: I have been a football fan since I was a little kid. Football is my favorite Sport. The San Francisco 49ers is my Pro Team. No, we did not make the Playoffs this year, but we’re an up-and-coming bunch. Now, I would like

NFL Week 7 Match-Up Results

  How did you all do this week? I do know my team lost, badly, to the Broncos. I like the Broncos, but not that much. Okay. Who won?   Falcons 7 RavensĀ 29 (Rooted for: Lost) | My Pick: Win I rooted for the Falcons to win, but picked the

NFL Week 7 Match-Ups

YES. I grew up watching football. My dad, my mom, my sister, (I was about five years old) we rooted for the San Francisco 49ers. Jerry Rice. Joe Montana. Roger Craig. Ronnie Lott. Dwight Clark. John Taylor. Doesn’t ring a bell? Okay. I guess everyone didn’t watch football. Alrighty then.

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