Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Visiting The ANNEX Gallery

  I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Being able to see my Artwork on Exhibit in the city I live in. I scheduled the 24th to take off work last week. Unfortunately, leading up to this day has been mixed with difficulties. Last Saturday, I

Touch the Shore by Eric Christopher Jackson

Touch the Shore (2018)

I have been continuing to Edit the “Vilano Beach” Series, which was captured almost three months ago. It’s been challenging to Sort through because over 600 shots were taken. Normally, I take less than 150 shots per outing. Yet, the location was so beautiful and so many opportunities for good

Cryptic Flow | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Cryptic Flow (2017)

A deconstruction of the original scene. Often times, the scene retains its Color. Visually, it becomes unrecognizable. I tried to enhance the Color and Lighting while deepening the Shadows. There are four layers of the scene combined to create this unusual rhythm of water.   Available on ImageKind $141.58 Petite

"Rest" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Sold: Artwork finds a new Home.

Hello, Recently, I decided to write a post every Wednesday. A few days ago, I shared an update with you all about my current and near future plans. Specially, I mentioned the upcoming Exhibition at Spectrum: Miami. I am shipping the art piece entitled, “Rest” to the venue next week.

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