Yellow, No.8 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Yellow, No.8 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow | Photography Series by Eric Christopher Jackson

This Series was created in October 2018. I remember starting with a simple drop of paint on a black acrylic sheet. Splashes of water. Assuming this process was going to be easy…     However, capturing the right Composition with the proper Lighting proved to be more challenging than I

Yellow, No.3 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow | Art Work-in-Progress

Hello, This year has been extremely quiet on my Blog. I had simply lost motivation to write the way I used to. At first, I did not understand why until I began to take a closer look at my Work. I came to the conclusion that I needed to try

Touch the Shore by Eric Christopher Jackson

Touch the Shore (2018)

I have been continuing to Edit the “Vilano Beach” Series, which was captured almost three months ago. It’s been challenging to Sort through because over 600 shots were taken. Normally, I take less than 150 shots per outing. Yet, the location was so beautiful and so many opportunities for good

Home Decor | Creating Art for Your Unique Space

  Greetings Art Lovers, We are familiar with the challenges of finding the right Artwork for your unique Space. From Living Rooms & Bedrooms to Corporate Offices & Film Sets, Art pieces are needed to compliment and shape the Style of the environment. As I work with the Staff of

I see Your Face | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

I see Your Face (2009)

Acrylic Lustre Prints Starting at $95   Series | Dark Light No.4 of 11 “I have never seen Jesus’ face; I only imagine if I did, all I would see is intense light.” -ecj Dear Readers, Even in this case, with a message close to my heart, I value the

Efflorescence | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Efflorescence (2017)

  Hello Art Lovers. I would like to share a scene I captured this morning before the rain began to pour. Only one scene turned out just right. The next challenge was to pick the right Space for the Print. Pinterest is a great venue to look for possible Interiors

Interior Space | Light Shadows (2012)

Hi. 🙂 I would like to improve the way I present my work by having a better idea of how an art piece looks in a space. Perfect example, this bedroom. I never would have placed Light Shadows on a red wall, but it seems to fit very well. The

Tower : 2016 by Eric Christopher Jackson

“Tower” : 2016 : Interior

I created this Simulation through “OhMyPrints” Wall App. suggested by @_artemoderna_ on her Instagram space. Pretty neat, huh? I’m looking for a minimalistic scene, but this is a nice start. Does anyone know of a similar software I can try? It’s cool to see artwork in an actual space. Eric

AI Lobby

I don’t think I’ve shared many (if any) photographs of where I graduated from. I won’t go into the long back-story and aftermath today. I would like to share some of my favorite images that I took. There are enough solid images to create a series. Even when it’s a

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