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Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Visiting The ANNEX Gallery

  I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Being able to see my Artwork on Exhibit in the city I live in. I scheduled the 24th to take off work last week. Unfortunately, leading up to this day has been mixed with difficulties. Last Saturday, I

Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Series | Jacksonville Beach

Introduction Where do you go when you’re feeling a bit low? Throughout my life, when I’ve needed to clear my head…I like to rest near water. Within the city, it can be a large Fountain. However, the beach is the best place to unwind. The smell of the ocean water,

“Reflections” | The Art Center Cooperative

  January 10 – February 8, 2019 “Reflections” Juror: Tayloe McDonald The ANNEX Presented by The Art Center The Landing 2 W Independent Dr., Ste. 113 Jacksonville, FL. 32202   “A work of art is a world in itself reflecting the senses and emotions of the artist’s world.” -Hans

Artist, Writer: Eric Christopher Jackson

Fountain Foundation

Over the years, I have had to make decisions that would change the direction of my Life. I remember back in 2008, in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I sat at a popular fountain in the Downtown area thinking about whether I needed to transfer colleges. It required me to

Sun Bathe (2018)

  DETAILS: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper Silk Gloss Surface | 285 g/m² 100-Year Luminosity I want the viewer to feel like they can walk right into the scene. It pulls them in. Into a moment they were never in, but they feel a part of it now. Blinded by

Art Buzz | May 19, 2018 @ The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe

  Hello, Quite a few people have asked when I was going to take part in a Local Art Show here in Jacksonville, Florida. Well, my progress was severely hampered by having to depend on Public Transportation. Thankfully, I have my own vehicle now and am looking to be more

Techism | Hosted by ArtRepublic

Techism November 3-11, 2017 100 North Laura Street 9th Floor Jacksonville, FL. Hosted by ArtRepublic Featuring Artists: Krista Kim, Migual Chavalier, REO, & Fabien Forban Public Opening Night Krista Kim is the Founder of “Techcism,” which focuses on how Society is effected by the Digital Age. I was introduced to

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

HOBNOB & Stellers Gallery Present…

  Hello Readers. I am always uplifted & feel at home when walking through an Art Gallery. Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of visiting HOBNOB Gallery for the first time. The Exhibit is co-Presented with Stellers Gallery featuring acrylic paintings by Christina Doelling, Holly Blanton, & Alma Ramirez. You know

"Edge of Light" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Edge of Light : 2013

Edge of Light : 2013 Series : Blue Cypress Park Archival Print : Open Edition “Darkness reigns where no Light exists.” -ecj Hello, There are times when I look back at scenes from years ago to see if there’s anything I missed. Of course, there are always scenes that ‘may’

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