Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Series | Jacksonville Beach

Introduction Where do you go when you’re feeling a bit low? Throughout my life, when I’ve needed to clear my head…I like to rest near water. Within the city, it can be a large Fountain. However, the beach is the best place to unwind. The smell of the ocean water,

Touch the Shore by Eric Christopher Jackson

Touch the Shore (2018)

I have been continuing to Edit the “Vilano Beach” Series, which was captured almost three months ago. It’s been challenging to Sort through because over 600 shots were taken. Normally, I take less than 150 shots per outing. Yet, the location was so beautiful and so many opportunities for good

Sun Bathe (2018)

  DETAILS: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper Silk Gloss Surface | 285 g/m² 100-Year Luminosity I want the viewer to feel like they can walk right into the scene. It pulls them in. Into a moment they were never in, but they feel a part of it now. Blinded by

The Morning Waves (2009)

  The Story. I remember the hazy morning. Overcast sky. I was sad not to see a clear sunrise, but decided to photograph the area, anyway. I did not keep many of the Digital Negatives from this particular morning because I was running out of storage space. I only have

Art Basel | June 14-18, 2017 @ Euroairport

  Art Basel 1.0 | The Artbox.Projects Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg 68304 Saint-Louis (3rd Floor) France Hello Readers. I couldn’t sleep much last night. It’s odd that I’ve been anticipating today for so long and now that’s it’s here I’m having an off day. I’m supposed to feel excited…enthusiastic. Right? At the

Glow : 2016

© 2016 Eric Christopher Jackson Life doesn’t always go the way you plan it, but that never stops the sun from shining. Collections : Landscapes | Glow : 2016 Last week was really tough. A gut-punch to be more precise. Now, facing a new week with an unexpected set of

"The Human Effect" : Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

The Effects of Pollution in Photographic Artwork

The Human Effect : 2016 || 61cm x 91cm “I try to make it perfect. Flawless. I try & try again. Failing each time. Why do I reach for perfection when I know its unattainable? Because if I don’t, I’ll never be better than what I am.” -ecj Artist Notes:


March 14, 2008 | 7:32am Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL. Another Thursday to look back on how far I’ve come..or remember where I began. Yes! This Thursday is throwing all the way back to the month I purchased my first DSLR. It’s funny because I still remember the lady behind the

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