Yellow, No.8 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Yellow, No.8 | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Yellow | Photography Series by Eric Christopher Jackson

This Series was created in October 2018. I remember starting with a simple drop of paint on a black acrylic sheet. Splashes of water. Assuming this process was going to be easy…     However, capturing the right Composition with the proper Lighting proved to be more challenging than I

Creative Fluff Design & Art Magazine Article by Fred McCoy

March 3, 2015 “Meet Fine Art Photographer Eric Christopher Jackson” by Fred McCoy | Zola Paulse “Creative Fluff Magazine is a New York City online publication offering an impeccably curated showcase of modern artists, designers, and film-makers.” When I submitted my Christian Photography Series to Creative Fluff a few months ago,

Shelter | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

SERIES | Shelter

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