Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3

  Redemption Poetry Collection, No.3 °° “What have you done in your life that makes it seem impossible to recover from? A crucial mistake? A misunderstanding? A tendency to cling to immaturity? A row of decisions that scream irresponsibility? Or have you committed the greatest sin: Not really doing anything?

Book Review by “Realistic Poetry International”

We believe Author Eric Christopher Jackson’s “Redemption,” is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially men, revealing some of the more intimate and silent battles they may face and keep inside…read our full 5-star review! -Realistic Poetry International Hi, As I mentioned on InstaStories a few weeks ago, I submitted

17 | Never Again.

17 It has to end. How can people defend the senseless taking of Innocent lives When going to School leads to cruel intentions Blood is shed…spilled Death It has to end. From Gun Violence In 2012 to those killed Today Will it ever end? Or should the question be Do


Can you see it Tall as the sky Clear as day Can you see it Have you ever seen what you want It’s right there in front of you But you can’t take it A dream A goal An accomplishment It’s like being blocked by an invisible wall A wall

Gift Set for the Brand

  These are two different worlds to me: Art & Creative Writing. I didn’t think I could do well at both at the same time. I feel like two different people. When creating photographic art, I feel open to everything. I have to be aware of the entire world around

Is It True?

Yesterday is gone The past is behind The slate wiped clean I am free My heart as snow Why do You love me I do not know Beyond what I deserve I had heard One could be forgiven So many times I just never Believed it -ecj

Worth the Risk

Spilled milk A false step The wrong word Screams ensued Within I wept The next day I fell again Bad choice Screams followed The pain again Straighten up Shoulders back Arms at my sides Hold here Polite talk Soft tone Don’t get out of line again How long will I

Love Remains

I never knew you Not a name Not a face Only in my dreams And that was enough To fall in love With you When I find you I have a gift For you A message I’ve held For years… The rest of me is Cold as stone. Yet Love

Dream of Red

© 2009 Eric Christopher Jackson Newport Beach, CA. My eyes were open I was wide awake The sun failed to Show its face That day The wind howled The waves rolled The sailboats rode High above the ocean floor The sky filled with haze The light shined bright One thing

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