Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

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Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3 by Eric Christopher Jackson

Redemption | Poetry Collection, No.3

  Redemption Poetry Collection, No.3 °° “What have you done in your life that makes it seem impossible to recover from? A crucial mistake? A misunderstanding? A tendency to cling to immaturity? A row of decisions that scream irresponsibility? Or have you committed the greatest sin: Not really doing anything?

Life is a Test.

How long are you willing to fight for what you want? Days? Weeks? What if it takes…Years? Will you keep going? In the Past, I didn’t. Unwilling. And I failed Life’s Test. It cost me. A lot. But the same Test comes back around. Again & Again. Each time, tougher

17 | Never Again.

17 It has to end. How can people defend the senseless taking of Innocent lives When going to School leads to cruel intentions Blood is shed…spilled Death It has to end. From Gun Violence In 2012 to those killed Today Will it ever end? Or should the question be Do

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Be Still.

Silence barely a whisper if you speak you may ruin the moment fragile fleeting everything I need to find my way home -ecj

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

March-June 10, 2017 | The Artbox Gallery | Group Exhibition

  March 1st – June 10, 2017 Group Exhibition The Artbox Gallery General Guisan Strasse 8 Postfach 3533 6303 Zug Switzerland Top: Rest (2009) Bottom: Coming Up for Air (2012) Dream of Red (2009): SOLD If you Follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of the News. Three pieces from my Collection

Grey Skies

The blue skies are gone. The grey has returned. The water is dark. Intensity building. Can you see it? If not, just listen. -Eric Christopher Jackson

Brand | Light by Eric Christopher Jackson

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 In years passed, I frowned at the very thought of this holiday. Although there’s candy, flowers, balloons, gifts, while love is encouraged to be shown in all sorts of creative ways, these things are promoted to couples. In a sea of red and pink, roses and

Two Birds | Artwork by Eric Christopher Jackson

Resident Artist: The Artbox Gallery | Switzerland

Hello, On the final day of the first month in 2017, I can only sit while staring into space. Lost in a myriad of thoughts. I think about when my journey officially began in November 2007. I’d lost my job working in a warehouse and thought of becoming a professional

Every Story seems to have an Ending

There have been a few who have passed away recently including Carrie Fisher. We all know her as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Then, I believe her mother passed away yesterday. It feels odd; all of it. For example, I’ve always been a Star Wars fan. However, I was surprised

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